The Best Villa Rentals in Algarve, Portugal

Beaming on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean lie a number of tropical Algarve rental villas, where exotic sights, enviable interiors, modern amenities and decadent cuisines are only a few perks of this alluring travel destination.

Exploring the beautiful Algarve region involves strolling through the streets, eating delicious Portuguese food and spending loads of time on the many Algarve beaches.

The best way, however, to immerse yourself in this cultural abyss is to rent a villa in Algarve. And we’ve got just the villas for you!

If you’re looking for the perfect Algarve villa rental for a picture-perfect Algarve vacation, keep on reading!

Why should you consider Algarve rental villas?

Algarve in Portugal is a touristic and dynamic region that not only craves your attention but unashamedly demands it. This holiday destination has a number of local delights that require you to be in and around the hustle and bustle, which is why the best way to take it all is by basing yourself at one of the many Algarve rental villas.

Your villa will instantly grant you access to local cultural treats, the thriving nightlife, the beauty of the coastline and so much more – without having to venture out too far.

Better yet, villa rentals in Algarve, Portugal are plentiful. So, there is no need to worry that finding your ideal holiday villa will be an impossible task. The options are varied and vast, ensuring that there is a villa that meets your exact requirements. Some are located in private estates, others in gated resorts and a few decorated the Algarve’s coastline.

You will also notice that as a general rule of thumb, Algarve rental villas are not only affordable but known for being welcoming, spacious and inclusive of modern amenities. Whether you are looking for a chef-style kitchen, sun-soaked balconies that overlook the beachfront or an on-site swimming pool, Algarve’s rental villas will appease even the harshest of critics!

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Villa Rentals in Algarve, Portugal
Villa Rentals in Algarve, Portugal

The best villa rentals in Algarve, Portugal

We’ve covered the main regions in the Algarve, listing the best villa rentals in each destination, starting off with Albufeira.

Algarve villa rental in Albufeira

Vila Balaia – Luxury Villas Resort

Vila Balaia is a private modern villa is renowned for its manicured gardens, seaside views and nearby golf course that will appease all travellers – instantly. This attractive accommodation spot exudes opulence and comfort in the best way!

Book your stay at Vila Balaia.

Vila Balaia villa in Albufeira, Algarve
Vila Balaia villa in Albufeira, Algarve

Beira Mar CIP

Beira Mar CIP is a luxury beachfront villa that offers you immediate access to the most gorgeous sun terrace and a tranquil hiking trail that is in close proximity to the villa. This makes it the ideal location for those who enjoy exploring their surroundings.

Book your stay at Beira Mar CIP.

Algarve villa rental in Faro

Check out our guide for things to do in Faro with kids.

Casa Heikki

Casa Heikki is an incredibly charming villa that carefully balances local Portuguese style with contemporary aesthetics, that will have you feeling homely in mere seconds. With all-inclusive amenities like free Wi-Fi, a fully-equipped kitchen and a dishwasher, this villa has everything you could ever dream of!

Book your stay at Casa Heikki.

Seaview Villa

Built to accommodate six people, this Seaview Villa, has just been newly refurbished to embrace a more Mediterranean/Moroccan style, that is not only charming but highly impressive, making this villa is a definite hidden gem. Renting this villa will also give you one of the best views of the local Fisherman’s beach.

Book your stay at Seaview Villa.

Seaview Villa in Faro, Algarve
Seaview Villa in Faro, Algarve

Algarve villa rental in Lagos

Fazenda Viegas

For those who enjoy hosting people, Fazenda Viegas is the villa for you. With a generous garden space, barbeque area and an immaculate swimming pool on the property, hosting has never been easier. There is also a tennis court, beach volley court, a football field and a children’s playground!

Book your stay at Fazenda Viegas.

Fazenda Viegas in Lagos, Algarve
Fazenda Viegas in Lagos, Algarve

Vivenda Solmar

Perched above Porto de Mós Beach sits the one and only Vivenda Solmar. This villa is all about showcasing the natural surroundings, namely the crystal blues waters that surround it. Guests can embrace the sunshine with a fabulous outdoor pool, landscaped gardens and deck chairs that decorate the entire villa.

Better yet it is a mere 500m from the beach! 

Book your stay at Vivenda Solmar.

Algarve villa rental in Sagres


Not only is Cercado a stone throw away from Mareta Beach, but it offers guests a fun outdoor escape with a number of adrenaline-pumping activities made available to guests. This villa also embraces a number of modern amenities including air conditioning, Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchen.

Book your stay at Cercado.

Villa Rentals in Algarve - Cercado
Cercado villa rental in Sagres, Algarve


This 3-bedroom villa will undoubtedly tick off all of your boxes as it includes a number of noteworthy features. Luz Villas are perfect for those looking to entertain as there is not only access to a gorgeous garden area with a barbeque, but a large swimming pool for some poolside fun.

Book your stay at Luz Villas.

Algarve villa rental in Monchique

Pestana Dom João Villas

If you are looking for a little escape in Algarve look no further than Pestana Dom João Villas. This high-end luxury villa has been designed with your utmost comfort in mind. Boasting a private fitness centre, contemporary on-site bar, opulent gardens, it is easy to see why this accommodation spot lands itself on every avid traveller’s list.

Book your stay at Pestana Dom João Villas.

Pestana Dom João Villas in Algarve
Pestana Dom João Villas in Algarve

Vivenda Cinco Palmeiras

Monchique is renowned for its gorgeous mountains, and Vivenda Cinco Palmeiras is taking advantage of it. The architecture of this villa is centred on showcasing this view, with the help of open terraces, 180-degree patios and as many glass features as possible. This holiday villa is also only 10km’s away from the Thermal Springs of Monchique.

Book your stay at Vivenda Cinco Palmeiras.

Algarve villa rental in Portimao

Villa Noemi

If you are looking for a European escape whilst still being in close proximity to essentials, Villa Noemi is for you. This picturesque accommodation offers you a secluded piece of the land whilst still granting you access to the nearby Aqua Portimao Shopping Center as well as the local Portimao Arena.

Book your stay at Villa Noemi.

Luxury Vau Beach Villa

Luxury Vau Beach Villa is all about allowing guests to leisurely taking in the great outdoors. With access to a magnificent crystal blue swimming pool, barbequing facilities and a sun terrace that is sure to be the envy of many, booking your stay here will have you instantly embracing the sun-soaked weather of Porimao.

Book your stay at Luxury Vau Beach Villa.

Luxury Vau Beach Villa in Portimao, Algarve
Luxury Vau Beach Villa in Portimao, Algarve

Looking into all of the villa rentals in Algarve is proof that there truly is a piece of tropical paradise for all of you, that will help usher in the beginning of one of your most memorable European adventures yet!

Algarve Beaches – Discover the Less Touristic Ones!

The Algarve beaches – in Portugal’s most southern region – are popular. And for good reason.

The south coast houses over 150 km of beautiful golden, sandy beaches. Some are secluded, most are easily accessible. Some are surrounded by great rocks and cliffs. And all provide great swimming possibilities.

Most Algarve beaches you’ll find during your quick search in guidebooks or online are located west of Faro. If you’re not so much into over crowded and touristic hot spots, there are enough left on the east side of the capital of the Algarve.

Here, you can also rest your weary feet and dip into the Atlantic Ocean.

How refreshing!

With over 3000 hours of sunshine a year, even winter is soft and gentle and meets spring anywhere else. This makes the Algarve an all-year-round destination.

Besides the beaches, the Algarve is home to small villages cramped full with bright white houses, cobbled streets and donkey carts. The touristic hot spots like Albufeira, Faro (read all about things to do in Faro with kids) and Lagos and the many golf courses also make it a popular destination.

Next, you’ll find 3 beaches in Algarve that I’ve explored personally. It was a tough job that just had to be done.

Beaches in Algarve, Portugal
Beaches in Algarve, Portugal

Undiscovered Algarve beaches

Ditch the over-crowded tourist beaches in the Algarve, and head to these secret spots instead!

1. Cacela Velha, the Algarve beach with a view

This small, scenic village is located at the end of the lagoon of Parque Natural Ria Formosa, about 8 km east of Tavira. The village was mainly developed during the 17th century, when it became part of a defense line and a fort was built.

The view from the historic centre down on the ocean is incredible. You can see the sandbanks and the lagoon that are part of the Nature Park. From the sandbanks, that separate the lagoon from the ocean, Cacela Velha appears as an old fortress. Small fishing boats will bring you to the sandbanks, leaving from the factory close to Cacela Velha.

Algarve beaches - Cacela Velha
Cacela Velha – an undiscovered Algarve beach

2. Praia do Barril, the Algarve beach with a scenic train

Picture a big sandy surface, decorated by huge anchors from ships that are placed in the dunes as artefacts. This is what Praia do Barril looks like. With its tranquillity, nice water temperature and few catering businesses, it’s the right place to escape the over crowded beaches, but still enjoy some level of comfort.

Praia do Barril is also part of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa. You can reach it from the touristic complex Pedras d’El Rei (entered through the N125) by picturesque train or by walking alongside the train track for about 1 kilometer (for free). You can also get to it by boat from Ilha de Tavira.

3. Fuseta, the Algarve beach surrounded by fishermen

The fishing village of Fuseta is situated between Olhão and Tavira. It has restaurants and cafe’s and you can still get a taste of the Portuguese life on the main square of this small and cozy village. Fishing is still an activity the men proudly practice, hence the colourful fishermen’s boats in the small harbour.

From here, a boat takes you to the sandy beaches of island Ilha de Armona within 10 minutes. This boat runs regularly from April through October. If you miss the last one back, you can call a taxi from the beach. In winter, you can call a taxi to get you to the beach and back.

If you want a more secluded place to sunbathe, you can call a water taxi (phone number, 4 locations and pricing – starting from €5,- per person – are mentioned on an advertising board at the harbour) that brings you a bit further out to the island, where you’re probably one of the few to enjoy the Portuguese sun.

Fuseta also has a beach that is connected to the mainland and therefore easy to reach. Just park your car in one of the many free parking spots along the water and get yourself comfortable at the beach, right outside the village centre. This beach is an ideal place to hang out if you are traveling with small children as the water is very calm.