The best beach clubs and bars in Barcelona

Keep in mind: some of these establishments are going to open in the coming months, so we are giving you the best beach clubs to bear in mind for the end of May and beginning of summer! 

Who loves the beach in Barcelona? And who loves the Barcelona nightlife? Combine the two and you’ve got the best beach bars in Barcelona! These bars and clubs offer a huge variety of fun experiences as well as high-quality gastronomy for those who tend to get peckish mid-way through your night out! 

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Beach bars in Barcelona, Spain
Beach bars in Barcelona, Spain

The best beach bars in Barcelona

These beach clubs in Barcelona have stunning views, making them the perfect place to enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in your hand. Some stylish, some more relaxed and chilled, with multiple styles of music for you to enjoy. You can book tickets, reserve tables and organise VIP bookings, we give you the top beach clubs in Barcelona. 

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Hotel W, The Wet Deck

Located at the beachfront along the famous Barceloneta boardwalk is the stunning W Hotel, visible on Barcelona’s skyline. The luxurious terrace here will impress you with the breath-taking views it offers and the incredible cocktails it’s mixologists can provide for you. 

Every Sunday at the Hotel W they hold an event which includes food, music and drinks by the pool. This ritzy hotel bar has it all! There’s tapas, cocktails, drinks, a DJ, a pool, and views of the stunning Mediterranean Sea. This is the perfect place for day and night parties hosted with the best DJ’s in the city. 

Hotel W, The Wet Deck in Barcelona, Spain
Hotel W, The Wet Deck

You can even book tables where you can rent a cabana with sofas and sunbeds, towels, next to an infinity pool, where you won’t have to lift a finger, and can enjoy cocktails and drinks all day long. You can also rent out private jacuzzis, with sunbeds, tables and even a private bathroom, this promotion even includes a 75cl bottle of Veuve Clicquot. 

Address: Plaça Rosa Del Vents 1, Final, Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 08039 Barcelona

Pool Bar at W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain
Pool Bar at W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain

Vai Moana

In El Poblenou you can find the chiringuito Vai Moana with Easter Island decor, this is the place to really take in the tranquillity of your surroundings and enjoy the small lapping of waves. They are located literally right on the beach, giving you the most authentic experience possible. This beach bar in Barcelona is somewhere you can of course find incredible gastronomy to keep you going. They have a load of healthy options and they have options for kids, like burgers and macaroni, and just wait till you see their cocktail, smoothies and fruit juice selection. 

This bar is occupied by those who don’t suffer the mundanities of life, they don’t care if they have sand in their shorts. They are there to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves. If you like a frozen margarita or daiquiri, this is the place for you!

Address: Av. del Litoral, s/n, 08005 Barcelona 

Vai Moana in Barcelona, Spain
Vai Moana in Barcelona, Spain

Bambú Beach Bar

For a locals choice, the Bambú beach bar is a great place to relax in a cosy atmosphere. They are right on the beach, and serve delicious food that can be savoured at any time of the day. They serve refreshing drinks and cocktails and provide a fun- filled cosmopolitan atmosphere. Bambú beach bar has been created for their people to unwind and have fun. 

Bambú were inspired by the crystal clear beaches in Thailand, creating a special touch of Southeast Asia in this bar. The tropical trees surrounding the beach bar along with the perfect crashing waves create a delightful harmony for any customer who enters Bambú. They don’t take bookings so make sure to get there earlier rather than later!

Address: Ronda Litoral, s/n, 08005 Barcelona

Bambú Beach Bar in Barcelona, Spain
Bambú Beach Bar in Barcelona, Spain

Jefferson Beach Club

Jefferson Beach Club is a great option for travellers looking for good drinks, great food and outdoor seating on the beach. They have an enormous option of drinks available, and be sure to try their incredible mojitos! Their chef is known for his paellas, and the staff known for their great service. 

They have music and are based on Sant Sebastià beach, they have the inspiration of the Hamptons, wanting to bring a small portion of Long Island closer to Barcelona. You can sunbathe on the loungers, chill on the terrace or even get up and dance. This is a space for fun and comfort. 

Address: Playa Bogatell, Av. del Litoral, s/n, 08005 Barcelona 

Jefferson Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain
Jefferson Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain

Bestial Beach Club

The Bestial Beach Club is a great place to go. They have a stunning spacious terrace right in front of their trendy inner club, the best thing about this club is that if you enter before 1am its free entry! This club is located just beside the Casino and Hotel Arts Barcelona in front of the beach. They have events weekly like Reggaeton parties and special DJ guests. 

The place is cosy but edgy and has great views out to the sea. The beach club is also a very popular restaurant throughout meal times, being one of the best places in the city to eat and relax at. This place is so picturesque you’ll not be complaining. Bestial is famous for its Mediterranean and Italian dishes as well as their delicious paella. 

Address: Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2-4, 08005 Barcelona 

Bestial Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain
Bestial Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain

The Coconut Club

The Coconut Club is a Miami style poolside bar in the heart of Villa Olímpica. They are inspired by the Caribbean and provide a cool and hip place to relax. They serve delicious Caribbean food and drinks. Their dishes are original and they even offer a selection of ice cream in case you have a sweet tooth. Their drinks menu includes a plethora of cocktails like sangria and mojitos, and their atmosphere will make you feel as if you’re in the islands, without the coconut trees at every turn. 

They also offer cool events like taco sundays where they offer a speciality dish for promotion for their eager customers! This is another one of the best places to hang out for a drink in the sun by the beach. Make sure you try their coco ice cream or coco drinks too, they are refreshing and delicious! 

Address: Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 2, 08005 Barcelona 

Exploring the beach bars in Barcelona, Spain
Exploring the beach bars in Barcelona, Spain

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A Guide to Visiting Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

On your next trip to Spain, there are lots of things you might want to do. Something that you don’t want to miss is a visit to Sagrada Familia basilica. 

Whether you’re religious or not, it’s an architectural masterpiece and famous landmark in the heart of Barcelona that is visited by around 5 million tourists every year. 

But don’t let the prospect of large queues keep you from visiting! If you weren’t convinced before, here’s how why you need to visit Sagrada Familia on your next holiday to Spain.

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Sagrada Família, Barcelona Spain
Sagrada Família

The History of Sagrada Familia

While Gaudi is the most famous name behind the Sagrada Familia towers, nine architects have taken on the project since his death, and it’s still incomplete today. 

In case you didn’t know, Gaudi was a dedicated Catholic, and he was notably obsessed with both nature and religion. His plans for the Sagrada Familia towers involved representing the entirety of Catholic history. This project was to become his grandest legacy. 

Despite changing hands, every architect involved has remained true to Gaudi’s original plans from 1883. The original completion date was set for 2026. However, this has been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 – with no new end date in sight.

Currently, all ticket sales are funding the completion of the project – churches or the government do not back it. So, when you visit Sagrada Familia, you’ll be financing the completion of Gaudi’s famous landmark. 

Private donations are also accepted to build the Sagrada Familia towers further. Whenever it is eventually completed, it will become the tallest church globally.  

Another of the fantastic Sagrada Familia tips is that Gaudi was buried there in 1926, located within the El Carmen Virgin chapel. Despite being incomplete, it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – another amazing fact to tick off your bucket list!

Is visiting the Sagrada Familia towers worth it?

If you’re asking if visiting the Sagrada Familia towers is worth it during your next trip, the answer is a resounding yes!

That’s because the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia was built in 1882. It is a monumental church with ties to the Holy Family and was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.

What’s even more amazing about the Sagrada Familia is that it features breathtaking architecture by Antoni Gaudi, one of the world’s most famous architects. He pioneered a new era of architecture called Catalan modernism, which features free-flowing curves and organic forms. 

You can find nine completed spires, of 18 in the original design, with plans for further completion in the coming years.

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Visiting Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain
Visiting Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

Tips for visiting the Sagrada Familia

As this monument is one of the most popular in Spain, and because it’s in the middle of the city of Barcelona, you can expect queues to be extremely long. The best time to visit Sagrada Familia is as early as possible in the morning. 

The Sagrada Familia opens at 9 am when queues are at their shortest. The period between 9 to 11 am is generally less crowded.

However, you may want to get inside the monument for the best photographic opportunities later in the day. For amazing pictures, the best time to visit Sagrada Familia is between 5-6 pm, when the sun sets. 

The sunlight shines through the colourful stained glass at this hour, producing dream-like sights and images. It’s also possible to attend evening Mass at 6 pm, which comes at no charge. Here, visitors must dress and act appropriately.

Some other things to consider include:

  • Length of visit. Most tourists want to know how long to visit Sagrada Familia towers to make the most of their trip. The recommended time is around 2 hours, but you can stay as long as intended. 
  • The price. Sagrada Familia ticket cost is between €33 and up to €99 for an 8-hour guided tour that includes Montserrat.
  • The best time to visit Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia hours of operation are from 9 am till 6 pm every day. Sagrada Familia’s hours of operation for Mass is 6 pm. 
  • Different kinds of tickets. You will need a special ticket to visit the Sagrada Familia towers that include tower access; this is not granted with a basic ticket. 
  • Ticket availability. Make sure to get your tickets in advance, as tickets can sometimes sell out by 5 pm. It’s also an option to buy online tickets to streamline the process. Look for availability and book your tickets below:
  • Extra packages. You may find a higher Sagrada Familia ticket cost for inclusive packages, such as a Sagrada Familia and Park Güell combination tour
  • Guided tours for foreign visitors. There are several guided group tours available in different languages. When you visit Sagrada Familia, the currently available options include English, German, Italian, French, and, of course, Spanish. 
  • Can I get a Sagrada Familia audio guide free? You can find free audio guides online, but these cannot compete with guided tours. 
  • Planning your arrival. You can find public transport links that will take you to visit Sagrada Familia – the L2 or L5 via the metro or one of many dedicated buses, including the 19, 33 and 34. 
  • What to wear. Remember that when you visit Sagrada Familia, it is a holy place of worship. Visitors need to dress appropriately, meaning that tops should cover their shoulders, and shorts/skirts should come mid-thigh. Hats are not allowed at the Sagrada Familia.
  • Navigating the Sagrada Familia. You should download the official app to manage tickets, find audiobooks and more. The app costs €26 from the official website. However, it is possible to visit without downloading the app, too.
Visiting inside Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Interior of Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, Spain –


We hope we’ve answered the question ‘is visiting the Sagrada Familia towers worth it?’ The answer is yes – it’s great to visit year-round!

You should add Sagrada Familia to your itinerary next time you go to Barcelona. 

Don’t miss out on your chance to visit Sagrada Familia and its massive cultural and historical significance. Whether planning how long to visit Sagrada Familia or finding the Sagrada Familia ticket cost price, we hope our Sagrada Familia tips have made planning much easier for you!

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The Feast of Sant Joan Barcelona 24th June

The Feast of Sant Joan is a big deal in Barcelona, also known to Catalans as the “Nit del Foc” meaning the “Night of Fire”. The celebration takes place on the Summer Solstice, the shortest night of the year. This public holiday is renowned for its electric atmosphere and the crazy parties which take place.

This is a date you will not be able to miss if you’re in the city, you’ll see fires in the street and hear constant fireworks throughout the city. 

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Celebrating Nit del Foc in Barcelona
Celebrating Nit del Foc in Barcelona with bonfires

The celebrations begin on the 23rd of June and end on the 24th of June and take place across the country in many forms. The 23rd is known as the feast day and the day which many celebrate and the 24th is the non-working day. In Barcelona, everyone celebrates in their own way, bringing friends and families together for meals, parties, bonfires and fireworks. 

Visiting Barcelona in summer?

Make sure to book your accommodation early!! Here’s our Barcelona accommodation guide for the best places to stay in Barcelona. We also recommend booking skip-the-line tickets online for all of the top Barcelona activities. For example, the Barcelona Pass includes a fast-track ticket to Sagrada Familia along with access to many other top landmarks in the city.

History behind the feast of Sant Joan / nit del foc

Sant Joan is one of the most important feast days for Catalans. The festivities take place firstly to celebrate the summer solstice, but also to celebrate the birth of St. John the Baptist. On the night of this celebration the sun reaches its highest point, before beginning to drop. The sun is seen as a symbol of fertility and wealth, and therefore must be given strength. This strength is passed on through the bonfires and fireworks, hence why they are so popular on this day. Another reason behind the use of flames on this day is to frighten off and dispel evil spirits. These festivities have been around since the 18th century and still continue today. 

Feast of Sant Joan in Barcelona
Celebrating the feast of Sant Joan in Barcelona with a public holiday

Traditions of the Sant Joan Celebration

The night is known to be very loud, beginning at dusk till dawn, with fireworks taking place all night long. In various districts throughout Barcelona you can experience parties in the streets as well as a large culinary offering. You will find plenty of music, with DJ’s and musicians taking over, and you can also find interesting traditions at places like Barceloneta such as the fire-spitting Correfoc. 

Fireworks during the feast of Sant Joan
Fireworks during the feast of Sant Joan

The majority of parties take place in the Old Town District (Gothic Quarter). Here you can find the Canigó flame which reaches Plaça de Sant Jaume on the afternoon of the 23rd and is received by the municipal authorities. As well as the old town you will find people partying all night at the beach in Barceloneta, and you will be able to dance your way through every beach bar there! 

By the beach you will also find that local restaurants put out extra chairs, tables and decorations, so that people can begin their celebrations off with a large dinner. They also often build special bars at the front to sell drinks and snacks for the party people as they arrive

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Barcelona harbour
Barcelona harbour

There are said to be three symbols of Sant Joan; fire, water and herbs. The fire symbolises purity and is the reason that fires are lit. The water represents healing, as on the night of the 23rd some people bathe in the sea. The herbs symbolise remedy, with some claiming that on the night of Sant Joan their healing qualities are enhanced

On Sant Joan day, the city is much quieter than the celebration the night before. Many bars will be closed, as well as shops and many supermarkets, you will also rarely see taxis or even people in the streets. The day of Sant Joan is known to be a day of rest. 

Feasting for Sant Joan

An official food of Sant Joan is the ‘Coca’ or ‘Coques’ in plural, which is a bread style cake you will see in bakery windows throughout the city. You can buy both sweet and savoury Coques and those which contain crackling, fruit, nuts or cream. They have a distinct aniseed flavour however which is shared among all Coques. 

Food to eat on Sant Joan in Barcelona
Food to eat on Sant Joan in Barcelona

There are not any other traditional foods for Sant Joan, however traditionally many Catalans will eat out for dinner on the evening of the start of the celebrations day. It is smart to book a table in advance to ensure you are not disappointed as it can get very busy during this celebration. 

The Feast of Sant Joan is one of the most exciting celebrations of the year and one that is not to be missed. If you’re in Barcelona, aim to make the most of this holiday by celebrating like a local

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Route for the Best Urban Art in Barcelona

Barcelona and art have always gone hand in hand. One of the things that most characterises the city are the great pieces of street art that can be seen throughout Barcelona. Street art arrived in Barcelona at the hands of national and international artists some time ago.

Over the years, our neighbourhoods and streets have been filled with colour and messages. If you don’t want to spend money on museums in Barcelona, come with us to discover the best Barcelona graffiti and street artworks in the open air!

Below you’ll find the best places to find street art in Barcelona.

What about joining a street art tour in Barcelona? Here’s a great one to check out.

Ready to discover the best street art in Barcelona?

Here are a few places to find artworks of the most popular Barcelona street artists.

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El Raval: The nucleus of urban art in Barcelona

Today, most of Barcelona’s urban art is concentrated in El Raval, one of the best neighbourhoods with the greatest graffiti tradition. Surrounding the MACBA (Museo Contemporáneo de Arte Moderno de Barcelona), we can find truly fantastic works.

Right next to the MACBA is the Keith Haring mural. It was painted in 1989 in an abandoned building in the Raval neighbourhood. This piece seeks to highlight the importance of preventing AIDS, a disease that the artist himself suffered with throughout his life. Haring died just a year after painting this design.

Keith Haring street art mural in El Raval
Keith Haring street art mural in El Raval

Other works of urban art that you will find are those proposed by artists such as Sixe Paredes. This Spanish artist painted the Mural Joan Miró, a work of an abstract and figurative nature.

Street art in Barcelona
Street art in Barcelona

Poble Sec: Electrifying creativity

After El Raval, the Poble Sec neighbourhood is another of the neighbourhoods loaded with exhibitions by different artists. It offers plenty of outdoor spaces for urban artists to unleash their creativity.

Street art in Poble Sec, Barcelona
Street art in Poble Sec, Barcelona

A clear example of this is the Garden of the Three Chimneys. Its name comes from the fact that in this space three tall chimneys rise from what was once La Canadiense, a power plant that supplied electricity to the entire Barcelona metropolitan area. In this park, any street art enthusiast can paint their works, after having previously registered online or by phone.

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Gothic Quarter: In love with art

Walking through the narrow streets of the city centre you will discover some of the pieces of Barcelona street art that the Catalan capital hides. One of the works that stands out the most in Ciutat Vella is the mosaic El Beso de la Libertad. This work by Joan Fontcuberta, inaugurated in 2014, is made up of a multitude of tesserae of photos sent from people of Barcelona that altogether form two kissing mouths.

Mosaic El Beso de la Libertad - Graffiti in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter
Mosaic El Beso de la Libertad

This photomosaic, also known as “The world begins with each kiss”, was created for the 300th anniversary of the fall of Barcelona during the War of Spanish Succession and has the following phrase as its motto: “The sound of a kiss is not as loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts much longer.”


In the Poblenou neighbourhood there are several urban art spots with some of the most attractive works in the city. Which was once of the most powerful industrial areas in Spain, but looks very different today.

Poblenou street art
Poblenou street art

Today, modern buildings and skyscrapers coexist with the remains of old factories, which have been converted into the perfect canvas for artists.

One of the examples of Poblenou street art is the work “The Closing of the Circle”, by the Italian artist Crisa, where she reflects on the natural elements and the balance that persists with urban environments.

Another of the great Barcelona street artists who have left their mark on the Poblenou neighborhood is Jorge Rodríguez Gerada. His work “Panorama” was presented for the OpenWall 2015 conference, and consists of a 29-meter-high composite portrait that unites the facial features of ten different women from the neighbourhood. It is a tribute to celebrate the local community, and aims to remember the importance of the role of women, humanity and the importance of each individual in a world as changing as today’s.

To finish our route through Poblenou, we want to present the striking mural by the artist Borondo, entitled “Fer Llenya”. This expressionist-style work represents the Castells, the traditional human towers of Catalonia. Although the expressive brushstrokes and colors of Borondo make us think that it is a simple representation of this festivity, we can intuit from the background elements that there is a message behind it.

"Fer Llenya" street art in Poblenou
“Fer Llenya” street art in Poblenou

Be that as it may, these pieces are just a small part of the urban art that you will find in the streets if you want to travel to Barcelona. Not only that, the truth is that our city has always been a place of expression for many artists, from abstract urban art, to majestic modernist works to touch the sky like the Sagrada Familia basilica. Barcelona is a city that captivates you and you will surely discover some hidden gems that will make you fall in love!

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Barcelona in January: Why it’s the Best Month to Visit

Although Barcelona in January may not be as much of a hot-weather destination, it still provides blue skies and is one of the lushest seasons to visit. In January, you will find that the city is a lot quieter, meaning you get to enjoy the tourist retreats in their quiet season and experience Barcelona like a local rather than a tourist.

You will find that everything is a bit cheaper too, from your flights to general travel around the city, to your accommodation, shopping sales, and even deals across restaurants. 

If you’d prefer to visit in December, check out our guide on celebrating Christmas in Barcelona like a local.

January weather in Barcelona

The January weather in Barcelona is always going to be better than that of the UK. The temperature in January averages at about 16ºC during the day, usually with the sun shining bright. The temp usually only drops to around 10ºC at night, meaning you will be sorted with one warm jacket and a few jumpers! Rain is unlikely however, with an average of only five days of rain during January. 

January weather in Barcelona
January weather in Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona in January


Check out the main tourist attractions in Barcelona that you may be too busy to view in the coming months. Barcelona hosts some of the most incredible architectural structures, designed by some of the most famous architects in the world, such as Gaudí. 

The Sagrada Familia 

This is a must, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Barcelona and the world. Incredible on the inside as it is the outside, with over four million tourists coming to see this annually you have to see this place for yourself. 

Book your skip-the-line ticket online before you go!

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Park Güell 

Another of Gaudí’s works, this vibrant mosaic park is another must- see. It is surrounded by a beautiful lush green environment making it the perfect place for a day visit or to roam around for a few hours. 

Book your entrance ticket online before you go!

 Park Güell in Barcelona
Park Güell in Barcelona

Casa Batlló

This is another beautiful piece of Gaudí, found down the passeig de Gracia, with a bone like facade. Book this immersive 10D experience of Casa Batllo.

Visiting Casa Batlló in Barcelona in January
Casa Batlló

Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens is an important piece of Gaudí, being his first big architectural work after graduation, initially built as a residential house of Manuel Vicens. It is now a museum used to showcase Gaudí’s work. 

Book your skip-the-line ticket online before you go!

Casa Vicens
Casa Vicens

Palau Guell

Palau Guell is a beautiful mansion designed by Gaudí for Eusebi Guell. Another place which showcases Gaudí’s architectural genius and innovations through creating space with only a small land plot. 

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Palau Guell
Palau Guell

Museu Picasso de Barcelona 

The Museu Picasso de Barcelona is a must visit whilst it’s quiet. This museum opened in 1963 and showcased the 4,251 works of Picasso’s formative years whilst he resided in Barcelona. This is the perfect place to really learn more about Picasso during his stay in Barcelona. 

Book your skip-the-line ticket online before you go!

Museu Picasso de Barcelona 
Museu Picasso de Barcelona 

Fundació Joan Miró 

This museum is based in Montjuïc and was built by Joan Miró himself. He had a goal of creating a place for contemporary art research. He took a lot of his inspiration from nature, this museum is a great reflection of this. 

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Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona in January
Fundació Joan Miró 

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

This museum is the national museum of visual arts in Catalonia. The museum is filled with an incredible collection of art from different periods, it was first opened as an exposition to display mediaeval arts and has continued to inspire and teach society about art. 

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
Museum National Catalunya – Barcelona, Spain

Attend the Festa Dels Tres Tombs on January 17th

The Tres Tombs Parade is an amazing celebration of the feast of St Anthony Abbot. Saint Anthony Abbot was a Roman Catholic monk and patron Saint of domestic animals, basket weavers, farmers, grave diggers and the sick. The Tres Tombs Parade is a procession which takes three laps of the city and is celebrated to bless those animals of locals. This parade dates back to the 15th century when farmers would take their animals to town to be blessed. 

Attend the Festa Dels Tres Tombs on January 17th
Attend the Festa Dels Tres Tombs on January 17th

Make the most out of the great Barcelona January sales

Whether you’re walking down Portal de l’Angel, Passeig de Gracia, La Diagonal, Carrer de Pelai or Las Rambla, you’ll find yourself coming across hundreds of fantastic bargains. From your high- end branded shops, like DIOR, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, to your more affordable Stradivarius, Zara and Pull & Bear, you’ll find sales everywhere. Even at your local boutiques. 

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January sales in Barcelona
January sales in Barcelona

Visit the Poble Espanyol 

This is an incredible open- air museum which was first designed for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. It is a model for the different Spanish architectural styles such as Gothic, Mudéjar, Renaissance and Baroque. 

Visit the Poble Espanyol 
Visit the Poble Espanyol 

Do a food tour through Barcelona 

Barcelona hosts some of the most incredible, mouth watering cuisine. There are countless food markets such as the Mercado de La Boqueria, Mercat de la Terra, and Mercat de la Llibertat which are definitely worth visiting. 

Check out the below foodie tours in Barcelona:

Barcelona also provides you with some of the best restaurants in the world. From traditional Spanish, to Mexican, to Italian, to Japanese and everything in between you will not find yourself hungry during your stay. And why not make the most of things being a bit quieter and getting into some of the most popular restaurants in the city. 

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Food tours in Barcelona in January
Food tours in Barcelona in January

Take a trip to Andorra – Just a few hours north from Barcelona 

Andorra hosts the most beautiful slopes in the Pyrenees, and a perfect relaxing location to escape. Being only a few hours north of Barcelona there are hundreds of companies hosting cheap all- inclusive trips from Barcelona to Andorra, including meals, ski passes, transport and even your equipment. What a fantastic way to end your trip, or extend it? 

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Celebrating Christmas in Barcelona Like a Local

Thinking about spending Christmas in Barcelona? Keep reading for more on what to expect.

Winter in Barcelona descends from late November to early March, and it is considerably mild compared to other places, reaching lows of around 5℃. Basically, if you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate a white Christmas in Spain, Barcelona probably isn’t the place for you. 

However, if you want to celebrate Christmas with blue skies, surrounded by carollers, inspiring religious buildings, and incredible Christmas markets, without feeling the need to shiver your way through it all, Barcelona is the place for you. 

Celebrating Christmas in Barcelona like a local makes it all that much more exciting, so let’s talk you through everything you need to know how to celebrate Christmas like a local here in Barcelona. 

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Local Christmas markets in Barcelona

A large part of spending Christmas in Barcelona is visiting the many Christmas markets.

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La Fira de Santa Llúcia

This is one of the largest, most well- known and oldest markets in the city, this year will be its 235th edition, filling the area outside of the famous Gothic Cathedral with over 283 stalls selling everything from figurines to plants, to crafts and even Simbombes. 

At this incredible market you must be sure to keep a look out for the cheeky ‘caganer’ figure, which is a traditional catalan figurine with his trousers down, he is said to bring luck by fertilising the earth. 

This place dates all the way back to 1786, taking place on the day of Santa Llúcia, December 13th, this is a historic and exciting place for you to check out this winter! 

Opening dates: November 30th until December 23rd 10:00-21:00

Christmas market in Barcelona - La Fira de Santa Llúcia
La Fira de Santa Llúcia

La Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia

These Christmas markets are slightly smaller than the Santa Llúcia markets, but they are positioned right outside the incredible Sagrada Familia, which you must visit if you haven’t before (it’s one of the top Barcelona attractions). 

They have a little of everything here, but most importantly they serve incredible tasty christmas treats, such as roasted chestnuts, baked sweet potatoes and churros with thick hot chocolate! 

Opening times: November 24th to December 22nd 10:00- 21:00

La Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
La Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia La Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Familia

La Fira de Reis

This Christmas market in Barcelona surrounds the idea of the celebration of the three kings in Spain (don’t worry, this will be further explained shortly), the day in which the Spanish give out their main presents. 

Stalls at the Fira de Reis sell mainly kid’s toys and presents, making it a pretty ideal place to go find a Reyes gift for everyone who you need to buy for. 

Opening times: 21st December- 6th January 10:00- 21:00 

La Fira de Reis - Christmas market in Barcelona
La Fira de Reis

Traditional Spanish Christmas Meals


Escudella is a traditional christmas warmer, a kind of stew which contains everything. It has chicken, beef, pork backbone, ham bone’s bouillon, veggies; carrots, potatoes, cabbage. It’s a pretty hypercaloric dish, but there’s nothing wrong with that when it’s cold outside!  

The perfect dish to warm you up this winter. 

Sopa de galets

Sopa de galets include huge pieces of pasta, with which one will fill your spoon. The galets are the large pieces of pasta which are filled with veggies or meats. The soup itself is a traditional soup made with bouillon, making it a very comforting cold winter dish. 

This is usually eaten as a first course as part of Christmas day lunch, on the 25th of December. 


Canelons, or Cannelloni, is one of Catalonia’s favourites, usually eaten on the day of Sant Esteve, celebrated on December 26th. This dish includes Cannelloni stuffed with either chicken or meat and bechamel sauce, the difference between this and your traditional Italian Cannelloni is that this dish does not use tomato sauce. 

Traditional Spanish Christmas Treats


Turrón is one of the most well known Spanish Christmas foods that you will find in Barcelona, as well as being found in Italy and parts of South America. It dates back to the 16th century, and is enjoyed all over the Catalan capital during the holiday season. Turrón tastes almost similar to malteser chocolate, it is made with honey, sugar, egg white and toasted almonds or other nuts. 

This chocolate is extremely tasty and can be found in just your average supermarket at any time during Christmas. 

Mantecados and Polvorones

Mantecados and polvorones can be found all over supermarkets and department stores in the months leading up to Christmas. They are little baked and crumbly Christmas cookies served with “Moscatel”. The difference between mantecados and polvorones is the shape, polvorones are oval and mantecados are round. They are both similar to shortbread, but just tend to crumble much more easily. 

These sweet treats are super popular throughout Catalonia, you’ll find them everywhere! 

Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana is pretty much the Catalan recipe for a Crème brûlée, first found in Catalan books in the 14th century. The recipe includes the use of custard cream, over which sugar is poured and burnt with a hot iron rod to create the trademark burnt crust. 

This differs from your average Crème brûlée through both its cooking method & consistency, as well as its cinnamon and lemon zest flavour as opposed to your usual French vanilla. 

Spainish Christmas dessert - Crema Catalana
Crema Catalana

Getting Your Christmas Shopping Done Right

Barcelona is home to some of the biggest shopping centres in Spain, and during Christmas there are a load of great sales and deals to get you in the Christmas mood. These places are also perfectly happy to wrap your gifts for you. 

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The Diagonal Mar

A shopping centre split into three floors, to accommodate their 200 stores and 17 cinema screens, and even a bowling alley. This is one of the biggest in Barcelona, and is recognised as an environmental model due to their promoted values of environmental sustainability. 

This is the perfect place for your Christmas shopping as everything is in one place, as well as this the shopping centre is just beside the Parc Diagonal Mar and Museu Blau, two very ideal locations for spending the day as a family. 

The Diagonal Mar
The Diagonal Mar

Glòries Shopping Mall

The Glòries shopping mall is located in the Plaza de las Glorias Catalanes, surrounded by the incredible Torre Glòries (a huge skyscraper which changes colour day and night, it’s incredible!). 

This place has 75 major stores, restaurants and cinemas, with plenty free parking, charging points, and they even have a kids club play area! 

Glòries Shopping Mall
Glòries Shopping Mall

Las Arenas Shopping Centre

For shopping like a real local, why not go to a shopping centre that used to be a bullring! They have over six floors, 115 shops, a fitness centre, 12- screen cinema, events hall and several bars and restaurants. They even have a huge terrace in which you can get a 360° view over Montjuïc. 

Las Arenas Shopping Centre
Las Arenas Shopping Centre

Celebrating the Three Kings like a Local in Barcelona

Towards the end of December most people around the world begin to relax and finalise their Christmas celebrations, however here in Spain, that is not the case. The first week of January is one of the most exciting times to visit Barcelona. People in Catalonia, in fact, will still be buying gifts and preparing their Christmas dinners, whilst you can still admire the beautiful Christmas lights across the city and prepare yourself for the arrival of The Three Kings or Los Reyes Magos. 

Christmas in Barcelona, Spain
Christmas in Barcelona, Spain

These biblical characters come to Spain on the 5th and 6th of January to give gifts of presents and sweet treats to the children. On January 5th there is a parade dedicated to the three kings in which the Kings themselves arrive at the Av. Del Marquès de l’Argentera and travel 5km around the city, ending at the Montjuïc Magic Fountains. 

Traditionally, locals in Barcelona will leave food out for the three kings and water for their camels, and a pair of shoes outside their doors or windows for the three kings to fill with gifts after the three kings parade. The morning of the 6th will provide for the children an array of gifts, as long as they’ve been well behaved! 

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Where to find the best vintage shops in Barcelona

Vintage clothing is something becoming increasingly more popular among society. With the amount you can save on buying vintage clothing, retail prices have nothing on vintage stores. You can build outfits that suit your style, whether it’s coats, jumpers, accessories, shoes, you can get entire outfits in the vintage shops in Barcelona

Vintage stores usually have styles that are close to brand new. Plus, it’s all recycled clothing, so you’re helping both the environment and your bank account! As well as just repurposing the clothing alone, which lets be honest, is just a nice thing to do!  

The El Raval area in Barcelona is home to a plethora of great vintage shops which host loads of cool brands at super cheap prices! They have places which do huge kilo sales, where you can fill your basket with a kilo of clothing at really low set prices! 

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vintage shops in Barcelona
Vintage shops in Barcelona

Top vintage shops in Barcelona

Below are some of our favorite vintage stores in Barcelona – we hope you check them out next time you’re visiting Barcelona!

P.S – If you’re visiting Barcelona on a girls trip, visiting these vintage shops in Barcelona is a great activity to add to your itinerary.

Mahalo vintage: Hidden treasures

Mahalo Vintage provide some of the coolest designs, prints and unique cuts. Their hobby is to hunt down treasures in the most hidden places to have some of the most stunning and special clothing in their shop. 

They like to sell vintage pieces which look and feel unique compared to the mainstream retail businesses in which the majority of society follows. They get their essence from the Hawaiian islands spirit, to express the free soul and paradise wherever they go. 

They have a load of cool Hawaiian shirts as well as the rest of their vintage collection. They constantly participate in street markets to spread their passion, sell their unique clothes as well as seek new and artistic pieces. 

Check out their store here: C/ TRAFALGAR, 78 – LOCAL 08010 

Mahalo vintage: Hidden treasures
Mahalo vintage: Hidden treasures

Holala! Tallers: Unique clothing for unique people

Holala Tallers have dedicated the last 40 years to their passion for vintage clothes and recycling. They travel worldwide, visiting flea markets and the textile recycling industry to carefully hand pick unique pieces that suit their taste, one by one. 

They are renowned for their friendly service, helping customers to pick their perfect pieces when visiting the store. They have a thoughtfully selected collection. When you take a deep look into their store, you will be sure to find some special pieces

Check out their store here: Carrer dels Tallers, 73, 08001 Barcelona

Holala! Tallers: Unique clothing for unique people
Holala! Tallers: Unique clothing for unique people

La principal retro & co: Authentic vintage garms

La principal retro & co based in the heart of Raval, provides a space in which you can find some incredible pieces from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! They have authentic vintage garments which allow you to perfect your look. 

They also have their own limited collection, as a tribute to the 1992 olympic games, you can find some cool garments on both their website, or visit them in store to take a good look for yourself. Whether it be fur, velvet, leather or just a jersey, they’ve got everything you’re looking for. 

Check out their store here: Carrer de Ferlandina, 37, 08001 Barcelona

La principal retro & co: Authentic vintage garms
La principal retro & co: Authentic vintage garms

Le swing vintage: Where price meets quality

Le swing vintage specialises in luxury and neo vintage clothing, with pieces from the 1920’s to present. They have hidden treasures at great prices, with a fabulously curated selection of the best vintage pieces. 

Their reviews emphasise the value that Le swing vintage holds for their customers, with quality prices. With their cool, unique and old fashioned pieces of artistic clothing at low prices, where can you go wrong? 

Check out their store here: Carrer dels Lledó, 6, 08002 Barcelona

Le swing vintage: Where price meets quality
Le swing vintage: Where price meets quality

Lullaby vintage: For all your vintage accessories

Lullaby vintage sells first hand vintage clothing; high quality clothing and beautiful accessories. They are known for their helpful staff who seem to know the store like the back of their hand. 

Their prices are low but their goods are highly sought after and treasured. They focus mainly on bags, accessories and earrings, but they sell authentic vintage clothing as well! For attentive service, good quality and good value, lullaby vintage is the place for you. 

Check out their store here: Carrer de la Riera Baixa, 22, 08001 Barcelona

Lullaby vintage: For all your vintage accessories
Lullaby vintage: For all your vintage accessories

VV Vintage store: The family owned business selling authentic pieces from all over the world

VV Vintage store sell hand picked vintage clothing, shoes and accessories from all over the world. This place is a family business, known for their friendly owners who are open to helping out any customers who need it! They have expensive treasures sold at massively discounted prices, not one to miss out on if you’re passing by! 

They sell authentic vintage pieces at good prices, hosting a store with good vibes, a good atmosphere, so that you can feel comfort when shopping for your affordable, good quality clothing and accessories. 

Check out their store here: Carrer dels Tallers, 23, 08001 Barcelona

VV Vintage store
VV Vintage store: The family owned business selling authentic pieces from all over the world

Vintage A5E: Unbeatable stocks of records for your record player

Vintage A5E has something for everyone; whether it be vintage fashion, 80s fashion, or records for your record player, this place has everything! The large shop is stocked with clothes, accessories, trunks, and music records, all at cheap prices for you to bring back to life!

They are just a 3 min walk from the Palau de Música Catalana. Their bright and colourful spot can’t be missed, and their extensive old fashioned records can’t be beaten! 

Check out their store here: 53 Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 08003 Barcelona

Vintage A5E
Vintage A5E

Love vintage: At the heart of sustainability

Love vintage have spent years working in vintage, they handpick all their pieces worldwide, looking for only the highest quality vintage clothing created with the best materials. They love unique and timeless pieces, as well as the amazing culture from the years gone by. 

They stick by sustainability, paying close attention to the effects of fast fashion made in dubious workhouses which are worn and thrown away, as well as the harsh material and chemicals used to aid this process. They sell their clothing with the hope that they can contribute to stopping this waste, and contribute to looking fabulous

Check out their store here: Carrer de Bertrellans, 5, 08002 Barcelona

Love vintage: At the heart of sustainability
Love vintage: At the heart of sustainability

Flamingos Vintage Kilo: Buy your clothes based on their weight 

Flamingos Vintage Kilo don’t just sell vintage clothing like all your other vintage stores, they have kilo sales in which you choose the amount you want to pay, then fill your basket until you reach your weight limit. They also have mystery boxes, combos, and wholesales

Flamingos Vintage Kilo: Buy your clothes based on their weight 
Flamingos Vintage Kilo: Buy your clothes based on their weight 

They sell vintage clothing of North American origin, selected by experts, and sold by weight. The young and professional Flamingos vintage team aim to reinvent the way of shopping, to attract customers who believe dressing is much more unique than just covering up. 

They provide seasonal fits, and have shops not only in Spain, but also throughout the US, to spread their beliefs and trends. They have four shops throughout Barcelona alone, so wherever you go, they won’t be far. 

Check out their stores: 

  • Carrer dels Tallers, 31, 08001 Barcelona
  • Carrer de la Canuda, 24, 08002 Barcelona
  • Carrer de Ferlandina, 20, 08001 Barcelona
  • C/ de la Portaferrissa, 7, 08002 Barcelona

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Top Coolest Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona is home to some of the highest rated and coolest bars in the world.

We are talking secret doorways, desserts served with your cocktails, old fashioned unheard of locations, and bars made completely from ice

Whether it be a cocktail, some traditional sangria, a good old beer or purely the entertainment of a spectacular venue, read on to find the best bars in Barcelona.

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The top 9 coolest bars in Barcelona

Paradiso: ‘The pastrami bar which hides a secret’

Paradiso was ranked 19th in the world’s best 50 bars. The owner, Giacomo Giannotti, and his team spent the good part of a year designing this menu, and speaks for itself.

In Paradiso, you will walk into what appears to be a pastrami bar, in which you can walk through the cabaret entrance which is disguised as a refrigerator, into the incredible dark and mysterious bar. 

The cocktails in Paradiso are presented in the most theatrical way. Ensuring that the presentation is unbeatable, Paradiso is the place to go for an unforgettable experience

Address: Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona

The Antic Theatre: The Palau de la Música’s fun neighbour!

The Antic Theatre can be found next to the Palau de la Música Catalana, it is filled with locals and serves very reasonably priced drinks, serving beers at 2€ and wine at 3€. Although a small and hidden bar in Barcelona, they have a garden area and inside terrace giving you an incredible view of the enormous courtyard.

The perfect location on a hot day, they provide everything from live music, to poetry and theatre

Address: Carrer de Verdaguer i Callís, 12

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Creps al Born: Cocktails and a crepe?

Creps al Born provide you with the fascinating combination of the finest alcoholic beverages and cocktails served with delicious French crepes

Creps al Born is a local pick, located in the heart of El Born. They serve everything from classic cocktails to their own signature cocktails, created by professional mixologists, as well as both sweet and savoury pancakes and are renowned for their cheery and friendly staff, and unique and cosy atmosphere. 

Address: Passeig del Born, 12, 08003 Barcelona

Bobby’s Free: You can only enter with the secret password…

Bobby’s Free looks from the outside as your everyday barbershop, when you enter, you won’t see any drinks or bar stools. In Bobby’s Free, you have to provide the ‘barber’s’ secret passport to enter, which changes every month. Don’t worry, this can be found on their Instagram and Facebook

Once in their bar, you’ll see that it has a classic 1920s prohibition vibe, with an outrageous selection of gins and cocktails to try. They are in easy access for all you G&T lovers, you can find them close to both the Passeig de Gràcia and Plaça de Catalunya. 

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 85

Bar Mariatchi: The very first clandestine bar in the city!

Located in the backstreets of the Gothic Quarter, Bar Mariatchi was one of the first clandestine bars to open in the entire city. Squatters would occupy buildings which owners could no longer afford to run and transform them into underground drinking dens. 

Today, there’s no chance of finding yourself at the centre of a police raid like in the past! Its tagline is ‘bad parties, worse hangovers’, and it regularly hosts musicians for some live events alongside some tasty drinks.

It’s definitely one of the bars in Barcelona with the most street cred.

Address: Carrer dels Còdols, 14

El Bosc de les Fades: Fancy a fairytale?

El Bosc de les Fades is less of a bar and more of an enchanting forest, making you feel like you just fell into a fairytale. In fact, the name of the bar literally translates to ‘The Forest of the Fairies’. The place is surrounded by leafy trees and mythical creatures, and they serve everything from coffees to delicious mojitos. 

El Bosc de les Fades can be found just a short walk from La Rambla, in the Museu de Cera, Barcelona’s famous wax museum. For a unique and magical experience, el Bosc de las Fades is the place for you. 

Address: Passatge Banca 5, 08002 Barcelona 

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Manchester Bar: Bucket hats at the ready…

If you’ve ever visited Manchester then you can probably guess what this bar entails… bucket hats, parkas at the ready. This place is your go- to for the Mancunian music scene, located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. 

Manchester Bar is decorated with iconic black and yellow stripes of the Haçienda, an old Mancunian club from the 80s and 90s. 

In this bar, you can enjoy whatever beverage you like, whilst jamming to the likes of The Stone Roses, Joy Division and Happy Mondays. Both tourists and locals love this little hidden gem in Barcelona, and whether it be solely a cheap drink or some Mancunian culture education you’re after, this is the place for you. 

Address: Carrer de Milans 5, 08002 Barcelona

IceBarcelona: Subzero temperatures on the beach in Barcelona?

Barcelona is not the place you would imagine to experience subzero temperatures, but in the IceBarcelona, your surroundings will be maintaining -5ºC (20ºF). You may sit and relax with your cocktail, surrounded by ice sculptures and furniture made with ice. 

A ticket price to this bar includes a warm coat, gloves and a drink, meaning you don’t have to worry about ruining your party outfit. This place is a hit amongst both tourists and locals, and the most unusual part about this bar is that it is actually located on the beach… if you want your heart warming in subzero fun, this is the place for you. 

Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta 38 A, 08005 Barcelona

Futballárium: Football Fanatics prepare yourselves

Barcelona is nonetheless a football mad city, Futballárium is literally a bar which is entirely dedicated to the sport. They have memorabilia plastered on every wall, making them a football lover’s dream. 

Futballárium is a family- owned business and a relaxed venue in which you can enjoy both delicious food and a wide range of beers, whilst of course watching whatever live football is showing at the time. 

They are situated in Les Corts, just a couple of steps away from FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium (which we recommend visiting), this is not one you want to miss if you’re into football!

Address: Carrer de Benavent 7, 08028 Barcelona 

Futballarium in Barcelona, Spain.
Futballarium in Barcelona, Spain.

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A Week in Barcelona | 7 Day Itinerary

Barcelona is one of the best city destinations in Europe, that can offer something for every kind of traveller to enjoy. From breathtaking architecture to world-renowned restaurants and miles of sandy beaches, it has everything you could need for a fantastic holiday!

The only issue you face when coming to Barcelona is that there is just so much to choose from, it can be hard to fit it all in. That’s why it’s important to plan your trip wisely, so that you don’t miss out on the best bits. So, here’s our useful guide to spending a week in Barcelona.

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How to spend a week in Barcelona

Day 1: The Old Town

The Ciutat Vella, or Old Town, is one of the most popular parts of the city for visitors. A visit to this area, with its winding narrow roads and old buildings, feels like travelling back in time!

A week in Barcelona - Ciutat Vella
Ciutat Vella

There is a mix of gothic and neo-gothic architecture in the aptly named Gothic Quarter, we recommend visiting the Barcelona Cathedral and the Ancient Synagogue, believed to be one of the oldest in Europe. 

Head across from the Gothic Quarter to the El Born neighbourhood, to see the Santa Maria del Mar Basilica, and to visit one of the many artisan workshops and fashion boutiques selling local goods. 

The Old Town is also home to La Rambla, which is on many visitors to do lists in Barcelona. On this iconic street you can find the La Boqueria Food Market, perfect for a wander round to sample the delicious fresh fruit, tapas, or meats. 

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Day 2: Modernist Barcelona

Barcelona is famed for its Catalan Modernism style of art, championed by architects Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Domenech i Muntaner

We recommend a stroll up the Passeig de Gràcia street, which is lined with designer shops such as Chanel and Prada, but also the breathtaking Casa Batlló and La Pedrera buildings. From here you’ll also stumble across the Quadrat d’or, a square mile brimming with eye-catching modernist mansions. 

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Casa Batlló (Unsplash)
Casa Batlló (Unsplash)

Day 3: Beach or Park Day

Barcelona has a glorious year-round climate; it would be rude not to get out and enjoy it! The city has nine beaches that stretch over five kilometres, so there’s a selection of sunbathing spots to choose from. Our favourite beach in Barcelona is Nova Icària, which is a peaceful beach with a great range of sports facilities, including volleyball and paddleboarding

If you’re not in the mood for swimming costumes and sand, the Ciutadella Park is where many locals come to relax at weekends. It is a beautiful, green oasis in the heart of the city, with a lake, fountain, palm trees, and much more. 

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Ciutadella park, Barcelona (pexels)
Ciutadella park, Barcelona (pexels)

Day 4: Hop on, Hop off Bus

Give your legs a rest and get to see all the sights of the city by hopping on one of Barcelona’s tour buses of the best landmarks. This allows you to discover places that could be harder to get to alone, such as the Olympic Stadium and Museum on Montjuïc, or the Poble Espanyol, which is a model village museum. 

The best stop off of all is the Sagrada Familia, one of the most famous churches in the world. It is famously uncompleted, but still such a breathtaking experience. Getting in during peak season is likely going to be busy and require queueing, but the exterior is free to see!

Book your ticket here.

The Sagrada Familia (pexels) in Barcelona
The Sagrada Familia (pexels)

Day 5: Tapas and drinks

Barcelona is a foodie paradise. It has an enormous selection of tapas bars, fine dining restaurants, and fresh food markets, to whet the tastebuds of any visitor to the city! We recommend a visit to the El Born neighbourhood, which is jam packed with excellent bars and restaurants – try Bona Sort for tapas and Bar Sauvage for a late-night cocktail. 

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Tapas, Barcelona (unsplash)
Tapas, Barcelona (unsplash)

If you’re wanting to take some edible souvenirs back for your friends (or yourself!) take a visit to the Santa Caterina Market or the Mercat de la Llibertat in Gràcia. These are the best places to pick up some Spanish specialties, such as jamon serrano, locally made olive oil, or a bottle of vermouth. 

Day 6: Museum visits

For art-lovers, there are few better places than the Catalan capital. Aside from being a piece of living art itself through the city’s architecture, there are also several fascinating art museums to visit too. Take a trip to the Picasso Museum, which showcases some of the legendary artist’s most famous pieces. Another iconic artist hailing from Barcelona, Joan Miró, also has a museum dedicated to him of his works, the Miró Foundation

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Picasso Museum, Barcelona
Picasso Museum, Barcelona

There are two contemporary art centres worth visiting in Barcelona: the MACBA (contemporary art museum of Barcelona) and the CCCB (centre for contemporary culture). These centres display artwork from modern and emerging artists from Spain and beyond. 

Day 7: Parc Güell and Tibidabo

End your week in Barcelona on a high – quite literally high above the city! To the north of the city, up on the mountains, you can find the fascinating Tibidabo. Visit the beautiful Sacred Heart Church, which can be seen from below all over the city and unleash your inner child at the Tibidabo Amusement Park just next to it. This is the oldest theme park in Spain, and one of the oldest in Europe, being built way back in 1901!

Head down the mountain and end your day at Gaudí’s iconic Park Güell. This whimsical park is jam packed with architecture and colours, and is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over beautiful Barcelona. Book your ticket online.

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Park Güell, Barcelona
Park Güell, Barcelona

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Places to Stay Cool in Barcelona in Summer

Barcelona in summer is a truly toasty time to be in the city, with temperatures soaring and endless days of sunshine for months on end.

While the warm, summer weather is always well-appreciated, sometimes all you want is somewhere to cool off!

Grab your abanico (traditional Spanish fan) and read on to find out our top recommendations of how to stay cool in Barcelona in Summer!

Places to cool off in Barcelona in summer

Montjuïc Municipal Pool

This iconic pool was the host of the diving events of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games and is now open to the public to cool off in the Spanish sunshine during summer.

It has some of the best views in Barcelona – you can see right out to the mountains, with Tibidabo, the Sagrada Familia, and the Torre Agbar at your feet.

The entry price is pretty reasonable at €6.5 for a full day’s entry for adults, €4.5 for 6–14-year-olds, and kids under 5 go free! The pool is open from the start of July until the first week of September, from 11am-6.30pm.

Illa Fantasia Water Park

Barcelona in summer is all about splashing around in water – whether it’s at the beach, in a swimming pool or at a waterpark!

Slide into ultimate summer fun with the Illa Fantasia Waterpark! It has 22 slides and 3 large swimming pools to enjoy, which is sure to keep the whole family cool on a hot summer’s day.

The Park is open every day from June to September from 10am to 6pm. Tickets are €29 for adults, €17 for young adults shorter than 120cm, and free for kids under 90cm! Book tickets online here.

The Beach!

One of the best parts of Barcelona is its array of excellent beaches. There are 7 main beaches that line the city, stretching for over 4.5 km.

Our favourite beaches are the Nova Icària beach, and Bogatell. These beaches are less crowded than the better known Barceloneta and are locals’ favourites! They have volleyball nets, sun loungers, and a range of beach bars.

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PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park

Another fantastic water park near to Barcelona is the PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park. It is near to the town of Salou, near Tarragona, around an hour away from Barcelona.

There are numerous slides, a wave pool, lazy river, as well as an indoor area with kids’ attractions too. There’s fun for the whole family here! Tickets are €29 for adults, and €16 for juniors and seniors for the entire day. Book tickets online here.

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Cool Eats and Drinks


Experience the ultimate way to cool down in Summer, in the world’s first ice bar on the beach! Found just next to the hot sands of Barceloneta beach, Barcelona’s ice bar is as cold as they come – it maintains a year-round temperature of between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius.

You’ll be given an artic-style jacket and a pair of gloves upon entry (which will feel incredibly strange in the height of summer!). The bar has impressive ice sculptures to admire too: from polar bears to a frosty version of the Sagrada Familia.

Ice bar IceBarcelona, Spain.
Ice bar IceBarcelona, Spain.

Makamaka Beach Bar

If you decide to head for a beach day to enjoy the warm weather, make sure to head to Makamaka for a bite to eat afterwards. It’s a favourite with both locals and visitors alike, loved for its laid-back beach style and delicious food.

It’s located just off the Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta beaches, serving tasty burgers and thirst-quenching drinks. We recommend grabbing a pitcher of cava sangria for the ultimate cool down!

Makamaka Beach Bar in Barcelona.

Vai Moana

Another great beach bar just next to the Bogatell Beach is the fantastic Vai Moana. It has a traditional menu of Catalan and Spanish dishes, as well as a great cocktail menu. We recommend their ‘Frozen Mr.Beach’, which has Bacardi, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and vanilla syrup – the perfect way to cool down after a beach day!

Take a seat in the shade and relax to the cool surfer vibe in the day, and funky tunes as the evening draws in.

If you love tapas, then make sure to check out these cheap tapas bars in Barcelona.

Vai Moana in Barcelona.

Cool Treats

Gelaaati Di Marco

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Gelaaati di Marco is a treasured ice cream parlour that a hot summer’s day calls for. They have an enormous variety of flavours to choose from, that are all 100% natural with no additives or preservatives.

Gelaaati Di Marco in Barcelona.

Manna Gelats

Famed as one of the best spots in Barcelona for ice cream, Manna Gelats is a must visit during summer. They’re an artisan ice cream parlour that specialise in tropical flavours, as well as delicious crepes, waffles, and brownies too.

Check out these spots for the best ice cream in Barcelona!

Manna Gelats in Barcelona, Spain.
Manna Gelats in Barcelona, Spain.

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