Family Sailing Holidays on a Catamaran Charter in Croatia

Taking a sailing holiday as a family is something that has grown in popularity in recent years. Possibly the biggest reason for that is that every stage of such a holiday can now be booked online with very little stress or sweat involved.

That includes everything from selecting the place to visit to chartering a boat for duration of your trip. It can all be done very simply using the internet these days and the prices are a whole lot more reasonable than might be expected.

That just leaves you to decide where to go and what boat to take. Here we will look at why you should consider sailing around Croatia on a Catamaran.

Family holidays in Croatia

Set on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is one of the smaller European countries and is comparatively undiscovered by the tourist trade compared with many others. It is referred to by the people who live there as “our beautiful homeland” though and once you have visited you will not find that motto hard to understand.

The country presents a particularly fine holiday prospect for families because there is something to please everyone there. Croatia has nightlife and historic sights to delight any adult visitors as well as numerous national parks and outdoor activities that will allow the kids to burn off their energy.

Exploring Croatia by boat

The single biggest reason to opt for a sailing holiday in Croatia is that you will not be restricted to one place. Chartering a boat means that you can explore much more of what the country has to offer, moving on at your own pace whenever you are ready. You can now quickly and easily charter a catamaran from Borrowaboat, a site that have a wide range of Catamaran boats to choose from while on your travels around Croatia.

The water surrounding Croatia is clean and clear as crystal and there are plenty of little islands that can only really be experienced properly on a boating holiday. These include Brac, with its white stone buildings, the scenic Maslinica and Hvar, which offers glorious food and wine that can be enjoyed while you bathe in its summer sunshine.

Of course, the mainland of Croatia also has plenty to offer families and taking a boat means that you can sample as much of it as you want. If you are looking for some after dark fun once the children are in bed, Hvar town is known as the Ibiza of Croatia for its nightlife revels.

Entertainment that is more child-friendly can be found on Paradise Beach. While some Croatian beaches are rather rocky, this one is very sandy and will allow the children to swim in the warm sea or build sandcastles.

The country is also home to several national parks that the whole family will relish exploring for the day.

Mljet National Park is the only coastal one and can be found if you sail to the island of the same name. Alternatively, if you want to dock the boat and go inland for a while, there are seven to be found scattered throughout mainland Croatia.

All of these boast lakes, rivers and waterfalls that the family can dive into, alongside canyons and mountains that can be climbed by those who are adventurous – and fit – enough! Croatia is generally blessed with beautiful weather during the summer, so it is likely that you will want to get outside as much as possible during your family holiday there.

It is a country of fascinating sights like the Museum of the Krapina Neanderthal that is full of fascinating technology-based exhibitions detailing the birth of humanity. Its interactive, cutting-edge displays will delight children of all ages.

The sort of boat to take to Croatia

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to take your family on that sailing holiday to Croatia, but that still leaves the question of what sort of boat to charter. There is no shortage of boat types available, but a Catamaran offers many advantages.

One of the biggest of these when sailing with small children is that a Catamaran does not heel, unlike other boat types such as Monohulls. Heeling means when the boat tips to one side or the other, either due to wind in its sails or weight, and it will greatly increase the likelihood of seasickness in children or anyone who is not that familiar with the water.

The luxury that a Catamaran provides compared with other boats is another major argument in its favour. The size means that the cabins are apart from each other, affording a lot more privacy than other types of boats – which is essential if you have teenagers in tow.

Many Catamarans also offer clear separation between sailing and relaxing sections, so the family can sunbathe or lounge on board away from any crew that are helping to sail the boat.

Croatia is beautiful and there is no finer way to find that out than by taking a relaxing sailing holiday there with your family.

It will let you explore the peaceful islands off the coast, swim in the blue Adriatic Sea and stop off at points of interest.

Best Destinations for Surfing Holidays Around the World

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a beach vacation, with surfing being one of them. There’s nothing quite like paddling out to catch the perfect wave. Which is why surfing holidays are so popular among active travelers – from beginners to the pros. If you are just learning how to surf, then you’ll want to find the best places to learn to surf before booking your surfing holiday.

Picking the right place to learn to surf makes all the difference. Not all beaches are great for surfing, and not all surfing beaches are great for beginners. While you’ll want the surfing town atmosphere (complete with surf camps and surf shops), you don’t want to be thrown out amongst the pros in the big waves while still figuring this surfing thing out. You’ll want small, manageable waves, along with a fairly long beach that will give you time to get up on the board as well as excellent surf schools in the area.

Here are some of the best places to learn to surf around the world – which also all make great destinations for surfing holidays for those who are already in love with the sport.

Grab your surfboards, let’s hit the water!

Where to go for epic surfing holidays

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is full of expert waves, but luckily for beginners there are also a few surf spots in Bali that are suitable for beginners too. One such spot is the shallow waters of Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is five-miles long and separated by three areas – Kuta Beach, Legian Beach and Seminyak Beach. The waves here are smaller and the bottom of the water is sandy, compared to the rockier sections at the other beaches. Kuta is also the main tourist area of Bali, so it’s packed with bargain hostels and has a lively club scene.

Beginners will find a few local surf schools that offer good deals on surfing lessons – you’ll find both group, partner or private lessons. If you feel confident enough after your lessons, then head out to join the pros at Dreamland. The waves there are powerful though, so be warned. Surfing is just one of the water activities in Bali, so make sure you’re ready to spend a lot of time in the water!

Surfing in Kuta Beach, Bali
Surfing in Kuta Beach, Bali

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a famous surfing destination that caters to all experience levels. The country has different seasonal patterns on each side of the island; when one coast is choppy, the other is calm. The best time to visit the Eastern side of the island, where Arugam Bay is located, is during the months between May and October.

You’ll find a few surf schools in this quiet surfing town, all stocked with beginner surfboards which are great for first-timers on the board. The best places to learn to surf in Arugam Bay are Baby Point (from July onwards), Elephant Rock, Whiskey Point and Peanut Farm. You’ll generally find a few surf schools that make use of these spots – often changing spots depending on the time of day or month.

Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay is one of the most popular surfing spots in Australia, featuring a range of breaks for surfers of all levels. One of the great beginner surfer spots here is The Pass – not only does the wave break slowly, but the run out is super long which makes it easier to stand up.

Aside from surfing, the town is packed with great restaurants and awesome coffee spots. The golden sand beaches are lined with locals with guitars and VW vans with dreadlocked drivers – all adding to its cool surfing town vibe. Oh, and dolphins. What more could you want really?

Surfing holidays in Byron Bay, Australia
Surfing holidays in Byron Bay, Australia

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay (or J-Bay as the locals call it) is one of the most popular surfing spots in the world amongst the pros. The main surfing beach, Supertubes, is renowned as being one of the most challenging surf spots in the world. Jeffrey’s Bay is also packed with surf shops (including some factory shops with great deals) and is a buzzing tourist destination during the summer months. It’s a great vibe to get into the surfing holiday spirit.

Beginner surfers can learn the basics on the beautiful Dolphin Beach – a Blue flag beach in Jeffreys Bay that is perfect for learning to surf with no major currents or rocks. There are loads of surf schools offering beginner to advanced surf lessons, as well as companies that offer surfing holidays.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

With its multitude of surf spots, Costa Rica is a popular destination for surfing holidays for all levels. For beginners, there are several beaches with gentle waves offering ideal conditions for learning to surf. Playa Tamarindo however, is one of the most popular beaches to learn to surf in Costa Rica.

The beach is long and lined with rental surf shops and surf schools, meaning that you won’t have to look too hard to set up your surf lessons. The whole vibe of the town will draw you in, making you feel like a proper surfer in no time. Though, be ready to expect crowds as it is a popular spot.

While you’re there, check out these spots for snorkeling in Costa Rica.

Top Things to Do in Tamarindo Costa Rica
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Surfer’s Point, Barbados

Surfer’s Point, located on the south east coast of Barbados, is a favorite surfing spot amongst locals and tourists. There are a few surf schools set up on the beach offering surfboard rentals and surf lessons.

The popular surfing school Zed’s Surfing Adventures is run by former competitive surfer local Zed Layson. The school offers two-hour lessons and have easy-to-ride foam surfboards. The beach is also popular for windsurfing, kitesurfing, boogie boarding, SUP and kayaking – just incase the surf lessons don’t go too well.

Taghazoute, Morocco

Morocco has been a popular winter destination for European surfers since the 1970s. You’ll find convoys of VW campervans lining the beaches – mostly where the long, righthand point breaks are located. There are a variety of surf schools in Morocco, catering for beginners to the more advanced.

Taghazoute, in the south, has plenty of surf schools to choose from (almost more than surf spots!) so you won’t struggle with finding one to suit your needs and budget. The best waves for learners are around Agadir, otherwise the chilled port town of Essaouira is just three hours north and has some good beginner waves. Beginners should also head there in early autumn as the waves are smaller, with the big swells coming in from November to February.

Surfing holidays in Morocco
Surfing holidays in Morocco

Tips for Holidays in Prague with Kids

Prague has been always famous for being a destination for adults with its animated nightlife, pubs and clubs. But, what about visiting Prague with kids?

Because of such a reputation, the capital of the Czech Republic has never been considered as a friendly destinations for families traveling with children, which is not always true. Prague has a lot to offer for kids, unique attractions and new activities that may enrich the experience of your children and open them to a different culture.

In this article we will try to talk about all the necessary and important points that you should consider while organizing your trip to Prague with your children.

Best views in Prague
Best views in Prague

A guide to visiting Prague with kids

Make the most of your trip to Prague with the family with these top tips.

Where to stay with kids in Prague?

First important thing that will play the biggest role in the success of your trip, is the accommodation, where should you stay?

To be more concrete and specific, we won’t really recommend a hotel in Prague if you are traveling with kids, with the growing number of serviced apartments in Prague, you have now a large choice of great apartments of different sizes where you can stay with your family, it’s far better than a hotel and with the fully equipped kitchen, it gives you more freedom in regards to meals and meal times. You will feel like home in Prague, no restrictions but enough of space and flexibility, and you will for sure save money if you go for an apartment.

We would highly recommend apartments in the Mala Strana (Lesser Town), also as the Old Town apartments and if you want to save more on your budget, you can choose even a budget apartment in one of the residential areas around the center of Prague, you will use the metro and/or the tramway and usually kids like trains. For example in Andel district, near Novy Smichov Shopping center which offers many facilities for children.

Prague airport transfer with children

Here an important remark, to go from the airport to your apartment, better to book a Prague airport transfer service in advance, it’s more safe and practical than catching the bus or a taxi at your arrival. And don’t forget to order in advance the children safety seats for the airport transfer, usually the safety seats are free of charges.

Where to eat with children in Prague?

Usually children are not allowed in pubs (Hospoda and Pivnice) in Prague, and even if they do allow, don’t take your children to such places. Smoking is still not prohibited in the Czech republic as in some other European countries, and the aeration inside restaurants is not that good.

Also Czech cuisine is not that healthy, and worse if your kids are used to McDonalds or KFC’s. In Prague we recommend you to go to one of Ambiente restaurants, they have kid’s corner open daily from 10am to 5pm, they cook fresh, they have a nonsmoking area, they provide a great service (which is unusual in Prague), and they have their restaurants of different specialties almost in each district in the center of Prague. More you can find on Ambiente restaurant website.

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Prague with kids
Prague with kids

Where to go with kids during your stay in Prague?

Petrin Hill and its mirror maze in Prague

Take the funicular railway to Petrin hill, there is a copy of the Eiffel Towner and a mirror maze inside, usually fun for children, then if the weather is good you can walk through the Rose Garden and the nice parks of Petrin to the neighborhood of Prague Castle.

Prague Castle Guards

Once you are at Prague Castle, let children see the changing of the Guards ceremony, it could be a good memorable scene for the kinds, sometimes they can even take a photo with the guard. Join a small group tour of the Prague Castle.

Prague castle
Prague castle

Toy Museum of Prague

Near Prague Castle we recommend to visit the toys museum at Jirska street number 4, the entrance is free of charges for children under 15 and 60 CZK (around 2 EUR) for adults.

This museum is considered as the second largest museum of this kind in the world with its 7 exhibition rooms and a collection of toys not only from the Czech Republic but from all over the world and belonging to different civilizations and centuries.

This won’t be interesting only for children, but also for you as an adult, you will refresh your memory seeing toys that you used to play with in your childhood.

Prague Zoo

Don’t miss the zoo of Prague, it’s located in U Trojskeho zamku number 3/120, in Prague 7, you can take the bus112 from Nadrazi Holesovice metro station, or if you want a unique experience, take the boat that goes from the center of Prague to the zoo and sales around 75 minutes. The zoo is worth spending the whole day with children. Here’s is the official website of Prague zoo.

Sea World in Prague

An impressing Sea World permanent exhibition located at the fairground in Vystaviste in Prague 7 with a flat of 1.000 m2 and a water volume of around 260.000 liters holding about 4.500 varieties of fishes and other sea animals. Visit the website of Prague sea world.

Prague National Technical Museum

With its 50.000 filing items exhibited on 13.000 m2, the National Technical Museum of Prague could play an educational role in your children’s knowledge.

Divadlo Minor Puppet Theater of Prague 

This is the largest puppet theatre in Prague which offers shows suitable for different kid’s ages. The Czech Republic has a long tradition in marionette making and its theatrical performance, so don’t miss Divadlo Minor, it’s right in the center of Prague in Vodickova street number 6.

Boat Trip on Vltava River in Prague

This an unforgettable experience for your kids and a romantic cruise for you also, you will admire Charles Bridge and Prague Castle in different way. Try to go for this boat trip at the sunset and don’t forget your camera. You can also join this boat trip to the zoo.

Nostalgic Tram Line ride and Prague Public Transport Museum

Pay only 35 CZK (20 CZK for children) and jump in the historical nostalgic Tram Line No. 91, kids like trains and enjoy the ride, mainly if you don’t have a similar tram in your home town,

If you want you can combine your Nostalgic Tram Line ride with a visit to the Prague Public Transport Museum (Muzeum MHD). It is located in the former tram depot of Stresovice in Prague 6 and it houses a unique collection of period public transportation vehicles going back to 1875, the year in which the first tramway, pulled by horses, started operating in the streets of the Royal Capital City of Prague.

Zlute Lazne outdoor swimming and playground in Prague

Take the tram number 21, 16, 17 or 3 to tram stop Dvorce and you will find the “yellow spa”, a multi-functional center for sports and free-time activities for all age groups including children.

You will find in Zlute Lazne a grass beach, a beach volleyball court, a dragon boats, a water bicycle rental, a closed cage for sand football gladiators, 8 courts for petanque, table tennis, netball street-ball, xxl chessboard, bouldering, restaurants and an Internet cafe, Children’s play area, inflatable swimming pool with toys, baby sitting, dancing area, a safe parking and all areas are with wheelchair access.

Children playgrounds in Prague

Whiling traveling to Prague with kids, you’ll likely want to find a place for your kids to get rid of some energy!

In Prague you will find children playgrounds in every district, it doesn’t matter where you will stay. Usually playgrounds are in green parks and accessible only for children and their parents, no dogs and no adults are allowed. One of the largest play areas is the Detsky Ostrov / Children’s Island, a long, narrow river island in the Vltava river, accessible via a footbridge from the Janackovo nabreri embankment.

Shopping for kids in Prague

  • Wooden toys: Handmade quality traditional Czech wooden toys are almost everywhere in specialized shops, mainly in the Old Town.
  • Sparky’s toy shop: One of the biggest toy shops in Prague, located in the Old Town at Havirska street number 2
  • Mothercare: Baby wear and accessories on the first floor in the Myselbek shopping center in Na Prikope
  • C&A” shop: The first floor is for the kids clothes with a play area.
  • Palac Knih: a large book shop with a children section
  • Marks and Spencer: First floor for children clothes
  • Oasis City: Just next to Marks & Spencer in the Wenceslas Square, you will find a place where you can leave your kids under supervision with different levels depending on the age of the kids starting from 2 years old, they charge 60 CZK per hour (around 2 EUR)
  • More shops for kids like Au Pays des Mimis or Zara Kids are in Novy Smichov Shopping center in Andel district.

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Ljubljana city view

Ljubljana: A Perfect Place for Active Holidays in the City


When you hear the country’s capital city you probably think about stunning architecture, numerous museums and galleries, churches, and delicious food in the restaurants, but you probably don’t think about hiking and outdoor activities in Ljubljana!

Well, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a green gem of Europe offering active and unique opportunities to embark on hiking trips inside the city area.

There is no doubt Ljubljana is one of the greenest cities in the world. The city boasts an astounding per capita green space provision of 542 square metres, some of which can even be found in the heart of the historic city centre. Lush green and wooded areas offer a perfect opportunity for active holidays in the city.

It is a green and active city with a vibrant culinary scene, wealth of museums and galleries to explore, and tours and trips to take within the city or nearby. Time to make you plan for the future travels!

We’ve collected the top 10 activities in Ljubljana to have the ultimate active holidays in the city

First Impressions of the City

When arriving in Ljubljana make sure to stop by Ljubljana Tourist Information Center (Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 2, 1000 Ljubljana), take the city map, say hi to the welcoming staff, get all the tourist information you need, buy the Ljubljana Card and book a tour to get to know the city.

Purchasing a Ljubljana Card will help you save on entrance prices to over 20 of Ljubljana’s top attractions as well as cover a bicycle hire, access to wi-fi, bus transportation costs around the city and to the airport. All major things to do in Ljubljana will be covered.

To get familiar with the city’s streets it is best to book a guided tour in the begining of your trip. Would you rather explore the city on foot, by bike, perhaps by boat? Ljubljana offers many interesting options which are thematically different and tailored to different interests. Check the guided tours here and let the pleasant stroll through the city begin!

Get to Know the City’s Main Attractions

The picturesque image of the centre of Ljubljana has been marked by different historic periods and most notably by the works of the world-famous architect Jože Plečnik. Take a walk through the Ljubljana Old Town, be amazed by the Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings and visit Ljubljana Castle, the city’s main attraction. You can reach the castle by funicular railway or climb it on foot. The castle’s tower and ramparts offer the most beautiful views of the city.

Get your cameras ready while visiting the Prešernov trg Square, the heart of the historic Ljubljana. It includes three of the most recognizable images of Ljubljana: the pink facade of the Franciscan Church, the monument to the Slovenian poet France Prešeren, and the Plečnik`s Triple Bridge.

Another picture perfect spot is the famous Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers (Robba Fountain) standing in front of the Town Hall. The baroque masterpiece is the work of the renown sculptor Francesco Robba.

And last, don’t forget to meet the dragons on the Dragon bridge and find out why Ljubljana is also called the Dragon City. It is considered that if you did not take a photo with the dragon, you were not really in Ljubljana.

Cycle Around the City and Chill in Park Tivoli

Ljubljana is the cyclists’ idea of a city. Its’ centre is car-free and the network of bike paths and circuits is constantly expanding. No bike? No problem! Bikes can be rented literally all over town. You can join the locals and rent one from Bicikelj, the city’s bike sharing system or you can hire one in the Ljubljana Tourist Information Center for a very affordable price. Ljubljana Card holders are entitled to free four-hour bicycle hire. You can also join a city bike tour!

Make sure to make a stop in the largest city park, Tivoli. Ljubljana’s central park is a popular place for socialising and relaxing. There you will find joggers, walkers, slackliners, yoga practicioners, kids enjoying the playgrounds, mini golfers, and people taking rests on the grass enjoying the parks’ charming tranquillity. You can also sit down in a popular café called Čolnarna next to the park’s pleasant green fish pond area.

Tivoli Park is crisscrossed with walking and recreational paths that continue into the slopes of Rožnik hill and allow an escape to nature from the centre of the city.

Hike in the City

There are not many cities where the old town centre offers you a hike through the woods to the top of a hill, but Ljubljana has it all. Hiking is one of the many outdoor activities in Ljubljana!

The network of hiking trails starts spreading out from the city centre and becomes more and denser as we move outwards. The green hearts of the city are the Rožnik and Šišenski hrib Landscape Park, Golovec, Rašica and the popular Šmarna gora (Mt. Saint Mary), the scenic “roof of Ljubljana” with the city’s favourite viewpoint. At the summit of Šmarna gora you can indulge in a snack or lunch at Gostilna Ledinek, with a menu consisting of traditional Slovene dishes.

You can also join a biking tour from Ljubljana to Kranj to find the best view points over the city.

However If you are more into mountaineering it is best you visit Ljubljana Region and explore the mountain trails there such as Grintovec or Kamniško sedlo.

Visit Central Market and Have a Picnic

The central market is the heart of any city. This is certainly true of Ljubljana market, which was designed by renowned architect Jože Plečnik. It is more than just a place to shop. Traditionally, it has also been a place for the locals to meet and enjoy themselves together. Taste some seasonal produce from local farmers and growers, have a little chat with them and buy the ingredients for your picnic.

Luckily Ljubljana has plenty of relaxing hidden spots for treating yourself to a picnic. You can relax on the Trnovski pristan embankment, up on the castle hill, in the Tivoli Park or park Špica, etc.

Paddle Through the City Center

The river Ljubljanica, with its interesting bridges and picturesque old city centre embankments, is one of Ljubljana’s most notable landmarks. The heart of Ljubljana’s social life are the Ljubljanica river embankments, densely scattered with lively cafés offering outdoor seating. A good way to see the old city centre and its famous bridges, picturesque buildings and vibrant embankments from a completely different angle is to join a tourist boat cruise along the river.

However, the Ljubljanica with its bridges is much more than just photogenic. It offers unique experiences which you simply must try. In the summer you can treat yourself to an exciting water session in the very centre of Ljubljana and see the city from a different angle by taking a sup or a kayak tour.

Jog Through the City Center

Believe it or not, SightJogging is a real thing and is getting more popular year by year. Ljubljana with it’s wide streets and squares is perfect for a pleasant run.

If you’re a runner you can combine your morning run with exploring the streets of the city. No worries, the lovely Ljubljanica River will show you the way. If you’re in good condition you can also run up to the castle hill. You can also take your run on the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, which encircles Ljubljana, symbolizes dedication to a healthy lifestyle while at the same time serving as a reminder of the city’s history. It runs along the 32.5-kilometre long course of the military barbed-wire fence which surrounded Ljubljana during the Second World War. We assure you that if you complete the whole circuit, you will be ready to participate in Ljubljana Marathon in autumn.

According to our calculations, during a one hour jog you will burn off 803 kilocalories, which equals about two cakes. Speaking of cakes, make sure reward yourself with Stolp cake in Lolita. You deserve it!

Don’t Forget to Explore the Ljubljana Region

If you have any time left we suggest you don’t just enjoy the city but instead take a trip off the beaten path and discover the surrounding Ljubljana Region. The city of Ljubljana is surrounded by fascinating smaller cities, lush nature and many, many opportunities for unforgetatable adventures.

You’ll wonder if you landed in Hobbit’s kingdom in the truly unique traditional herdsmen’s village on Velika planina. If you’re more into adrenaline adventures we suggest you visiting the Geoss Adventure Park in the village of Slivna, which offers treetop climbing adventures, a giant zip line and a unique opportunity to spend a night in the treetops. Cave enthusiasts will be able to admire the beauty of the Mayor’s Cave (Županova jama) located near the village of Cerovo. It consists of six chambers and a wealth of marvellous stalagmites, stalactites and other typical karst features.

If you like hiking and cycling make sure to visit Polhov Gradec Dolomites as well and embark on exploration of the most photogenic hill in the Ljubljana area – Sveti Jakob or the hill once visited by royalty, Polhograjska Gora. If you’re there, make sure to stop by the Polhov Gradec Mansion. You will not return empty-handed as the hosts will not let you leave without a Bundle of Delights from Count Blagaj’s land.

If you are interested in history and the pile-dwellers unique culture, Ljubljana Marshes are the place for you. Due to its amazing natural diversity and rich heritage it is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Explore the Vibrant Culinary Scene

Ljubljana is full of surprises not the mention their splendid culinary scene. The city’s culinary offer is strongly characterised by seasonal, locally produced ingredients. Culinary adventurers can find a rich and diverse range of foods to suit all tastes and all pockets.

We suggest you go for the local flavours and taste traditional dishes with a modern make-over represented by the Taste Ljubljana brand. Renowned Ljubljana chefs such as Igor Jagodic (Strelec), Jorg Zupan (Atelje) and Bine Volčič (Bistro Monstera), among others, have creatively adapted old recipes to contemporary trends.

For trying some local street food we suggest Klobasarna where you will be able to try a a traditional Slovene speciality – Carniolan sausage. Another affordable way of trying Slovenian cuisine is visiting the Moji štruklji Slovenije, where they serve up a daily range of more than 20 different types of štruklji – boiled strudel – with creamy or classic fillings and toppings.

To start your day healthy, we are sure Ljubljana breakfast will get you ready for your long day of exploring the city. Check Bistro EK or Slovenian House and try the most important meal of the day from top quality local and seasonal ingredients.

Take a Look at the City’s Top History and Art Museums

Last but not least, mix up your active adventure with visiting at least one museum or if you are more into arts, a gallery. Trust us, you will not regret it.

In the National Museum of Slovenia you will discover the rich heritage of diverse history, and see the 60,000-year-old Neanderthal flute, which is the oldest musical instrument in the world. You can check the permanent exhibition of the City Museum of Ljubljana which shows the development of the city of Ljubljana from the prehistoric period to the present day. In the museum are especially proud of two findings – the world’s oldest wooden wheel and a wooden arrow that is about 40,000 years old.

Exceptional collections of technical heritage are on display at the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra plus you can admire Tito’s limos there.

Ljubljana is also the city of an exceptional artistic life. Its rich legacy is complemented by a lively contemporary art scene. The National Gallery holds mainly older iconic works of art, such as works of Baroque artists, the Slovenian impressionists, and paintings of Ivana Kobilica and Zoran Mušič. The adjacent Museum of Modern Art represents artistic phenomena of 20th and 21st century, if you like to meet Eastern European avan-garde artists check the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSUM) Metelkova.

There you have them, the top ten activities in Ljubljana for the unforgettable adventure in a beautiful city of Ljubljana. The city is maybe one of the smallest capitals of Europe, but it’s huge in terms of the variety of what you can do, see and taste there.

If you are looking for an active holidays combined with rich gastronomic experiences and a thriving cultural scene Ljubljana is with no doubt the right place for you.