Waterfalls in the North West of Ireland

The north west of Ireland can boast some great waterfalls, with high annual rainfall these waterfalls in Ireland are often flowing wildly and offer great viewing—and the perfect photo—opportunities.

Often paired with great walking trails, these waterfalls in Ireland give a great glimpse of the Irish countryside at its best as well as offering the best views.

Irish sights like these often have well maintained and pathed walking tracks. We have seen a few ourselves and we have to give a run down on our best waterfalls to see in the north west of Ireland, we hope you may visit one or two.

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A few of the best waterfalls in Ireland’s North West

If you’re visiting the north west of Ireland, make sure to visit a few of these waterfalls.

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Glencar Waterfall

Located just off Glencar Lough and a short walk into the trees you will find Glencar waterfall. This waterfall stands at 50ft high and is ever flowing. The fall has viewing platforms to get close to the fall and for photo opportunities.

Glencar waterfall in Ireland
Glencar waterfall

The waterfall also has a short walking track of 0.48 km through trees and lush green area, in a loop track around the fall and back to the beginning.

At the end of the track, you’ll find a café for all your refreshment needs complete with children’s play area and a little shop.

You can also enjoy the sights of Glencar Lough. Set in between the hills, the Lough provides fantastic views and is also home to many water activities like stand up paddle board and canoeing.

The Glencar waterfall is also known to be the inspiration for Irish poet William Butler Yeats and features in his poem ‘The Stolen Child’.

Glencar lough in Ireland
Glencar lough

The Devil’s Chimney

At 492ft, the Devils Chimney is the largest waterfall in Ireland. Located only a few minutes drive along the Glencar Lough just before Glencar waterfall, this waterfall has a tougher track than its neighbour with a 30 minutes moderate grade hike to get to it.

The name Devil’s Chimney means stream against the height, meaning that during certain weather conditions the waterfall is blown upward and back over the cliff from which it falls.

You’ll get fantastic views of the hills on the way up and on the way down the sight over Glencar Lough in amazing.

The view down from the Devils Chimney walk
The view down from the Devils Chimney walk

Fowley’s Falls

Fowley’s falls is a unique looking waterfall as it is not a single-drop waterfall. Instead the waterfall cascades into numerous smaller falls over the exposed bedrock, producing a picturesque sight you have to see.

The name is taken from the apparent original owner of the land in great tribute to him and his family.

Poll An Easa

Poll An Easa waterfall is a waterfall in the Ballinamore region of County Leitrim, it’s unknown to many due to its rural location and access through windy country roads.

The waterfall has access to its own little stream to walk along and enjoy the Irish countryside. A picnic area is also situated on the site and even a couple of local donkeys grace the land opposite for photo opportunities.

Poll An Easa is one of the unique waterfalls in Ireland
Poll An Easa waterfall

Assaranca Waterfall

Assaranca Waterfall is a stunning waterfall in the northern regions of Donegal, set in between lush Irish greenery making this waterfall even more beautiful. The waterfall starts off at the top of the hill in small streams, winding down and coming together in a lovely wide powerful waterful and landing in a little pool at the bottom.

The waterfall is easy to find as it can be seen from the road side parking, although a walk up close is still a better option to admire this spectacular fall⁠—you’ll get to hear the crashing of the water and feel the force yourself.

Respect the land

As mentioned, these sights are kept in good condition and it’s our hope that people keep them the way they are. There are people who go off track to find the best photo or another reason, but the land should be respected. It’s also worth noting that a lot of fields adjacent or sometimes within these areas are private. Often, live cattle is free to roam and can be unpredictable, especially during lambing season, so pay attention to all paths and signs.

More waterfalls in Ireland

If you’re travelling around Ireland and want to take in some more waterfalls then we recommend checking out a couple of the popular ones.

Firstly, and probably Irelands most popular, is Powerscourt in Co Wicklow. Set in the stunning Wicklow mountains, a beautiful scenic drive in to this 121 metre waterfall is worth the visit.

Secondly, Torc waterfall in County Kerry is a fascinating 20 metre high, but 110 metre cascading waterfall.

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When is the best time to see waterfalls in Ireland?

With a high average rainfall in Ireland, most of the year is great to see waterfalls. But, our preference would be during spring as the winter cold has gone but the summer crowds haven’t arrived yet, so it’s not so busy—allowing you time to see and explore more of the waterfalls. Spring is also a great time to go camping in Ireland!

Best Mountain Biking Destinations in North America

Before the mountain biking season starts up again, it’s a good idea to consider which mountain biking destinations you want to head to this year. 

You might already be imagining yourself riding through scenic trails, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, and a light breeze cooling down your sweat. However, before you pull your bike out of storage and dust it off, spend a few moments thinking about where you’re going to go for this year’s mountain bike trips

If you’re feeling spoiled for choice, check out our top choices for mountain biking destinations around the USA and Canada

Top mountain biking destinations in North America

Here’s where to go for some of the best mountain biking in the US and Canada.

1. Moab, Utah

Moab is the place to go for all US mountain bikers. Bikers come from miles around to experience the truly unique red rock destination in southeastern Utah. If you’re aiming to hit multiple hot spots in one road trip, Moab is easily accessible from Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. 

You’ll find plenty of historic mountain biking trails in Moab, such as the popular Whole Enchilada. But what makes this location different is that the trails are always changing and expanding. On average, 30 miles of new trails are created each year. Two of the most recent are North Klondike and Klonzo. 

Arches National Park in Moab Utah USA
Arches National Park in Moab Utah USA – depositphotos.com

2. Sedona, Arizona

The best mountain bike rides in Sedona are all within a short ride of the town, so you won’t need to stress about driving anywhere. If you’re looking for a proper challenge, head for the Highline/Templeton/Baldwin loop of the aptly named Hangover Trail.

Intermediate riders will undoubtedly enjoy the Chuckwagon/Mescal/Aerie network. While beginners can get in on the action on the Big Park Loop and the Bell Rock Path. 

3. Bend, Oregon

Bend’s classic “moon dust” conditions don’t suit everyone, however, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the top US mountain biking destinations. Singletracks are continually being added to Bend’s hundreds of miles of trails and mountain bike infrastructure.

Another attraction that makes Bend stand out is the recent opening of the Mount Bachelor downhill mountain bike park, which already boasts a wide array of trails. 

4. Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is a true mecca for all things mountain biking. It’s best known for its world-class downhill mountain bike park, but the area is covered in excellent cross country and all-mountain singletrack trails.

There are countless other locales in British Columbia, such as Squamish, Fernie, Nelson, Golden, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Revelstoke, and many more. 

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Mountain Bike riders in Whistler mountains, British Columbia
Mountain Bike riders in Whistler mountains, British Columbia – depositphotos.com

5. Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte is a Rocky Mountain town for skiers and mountain bikers alike. Located midway between Denver and Grand Junction, it is even closer to Colorado Springs. You’ll have no problems enjoying a relaxing and scenic road trip from either of these major cities.

When you get there, you’ll find over 700 miles of alpine singletrack trails. Not only is Crested Butte home to one of the oldest mountain bike festivals, it also features a legendary 13,000-foot climb and is one of the destinations that started the mountain biking craze back in the 1970s.

6.  Downieville, California

Downieville is another location that’s tucked away in the Sierra Nevada mountains. You have to travel over an hour up into the mountains on winding two-lane highways but once you’re there, you get to experience the Downieville Downhill, a marquee ride that everyone’s heard of. Surrounding the town is a gigantic network of 500 or more miles of mountain bike trails. 

7. Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada

Lake Tahoe is one of the clearest lakes in the world. It lies in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the border of California and Nevada. If you’re flying in, Sacramento or Reno are your best options. 

For many mountain bikers, The Tahoe Rim Trail is a bucket list adventure but you should also consider adding Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and Flume Trail to your list. The newest trails are in the Southlake area, while the best downhill trailers are in the Northstar Resort. For the best views, you’ll need to head higher up.  

Mountain biking destinations - Lake Tahoe
Tahoe Rim Trail signage – depositphotos.com

8. Wydaho, Wyoming and Idaho

The Wydaho region covers Jackson, Jackson Hole Resort, Victor, Idaho, Driggs, and Grand Targhee Resort. Mountain biking has really blown up in Wydaho over the last few years. There has been significant trail development close to the town of Jackson. Historically-illegal trails on Teton Pass have also been adopted into the trail system. 

Jackson Hole has improved its bike park, but the most notable improvements have been at the Grand Targhee Resort. There is now an incredible array of downhill mountain bike trails, cross country trails, winter fat biking trails, and other two-wheeled singletrack routes. 

9. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is in Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains and it’s a city known for its mountain beauty, historic architecture, and vibrant art scene.

Asheville is surrounded by some awesome trails, including the Bailey Mountain Bike Park and the 500,000-acre Pisgain National Forest. Kisuma, Dupont, and Tsali are also close to Asheville and offer more of North Carolina’s most treasured mountain biking trails. 

10. East Burke, Vermont

Close to the Canadian border, East Burke is a secluded mountain town that is challenging to get to, but well worth the effort. If you live on the East Coast, East Burke is a three-hour drive from Boston and an hour and a half from Burlington. 

East Burke is a great place to ride your mountain bike. It includes The Kingdom Trails network which has something for all ability levels. There are well-groomed doubletracks for beginners and tight, fast, flowing singletracks for more experienced cyclists. 

Other areas you want to check out include Burke Mountain, Dead Moose Alley, and Darling Hill. The area is best experienced between May and October.