swimming pools in Barcelona

Outdoor swimming pools in Barcelona


A couple of things are guaranteed when it comes to summertime in Barcelona, the sun will be shining and the weather will be hot!

This usually means that the beaches are super busy and hard to navigate. But fear not, as there is a solution.

If you want to go swimming in Barcelona, without having the hassle of busy spaces, why not try an outdoor pool in Barcelona.

We are happy to inform you that pools are open once more and people can safely enjoy them. You will be able to have a fun and safe swim in Barcelona- making for the ideal way to keep cool in the Catalan Capital.

Park Creueta del Coll

Found in the wonderful district of Gràcia, we find the Park Creueta del Coll and its large bathing pool. Opened in 1976, the site was originally a quarry that was set to be made into apartments. However, in the last minute, the plans were changed for a public park to be erected. This is now the place to relax in the sun, enjoying the calm vibe and the other activities available here. There are ping-pong tables and playgrounds for kids to enjoy themselves. More importantly, with a shallow pool, that sees young and old enjoying the water in the baking heat. This outdoor swimming pool in Barcelona is the perfect spot to socialise with locals and get to meet new friends on your holiday to Barcelona. Another thing to look out for at this park, is the large concrete sculpture that is the focal point of the space. Designed by Eduardo Chillida, this makes it one of the most recognisable parks in the city. So come here and enjoy your outdoor swimming pool in Barcelona here, at the Creueta del Coll- bring a picnic for the ideal day out!

Address: Pg Mare de Déu del Coll, 77

Prices: 3€ – 6€

Fòrum Bathing Area – Parc del Fòrum

Another outdoor pool for you to explore in Barcelona is the bathing area of Parc del Fòrum, which is an ideal spot to escape from the Barcelona heat in a more relaxed area than at one of the beaches. It is important to note that, rather than fresh water, the pool here uses water from the mediterranean sea, giving you a sea feel without the hassle of the beach! This is easily one of the most stylish bathing areas in the city, being constructed initially for the Universal Forum of Cultures, it is now enjoyed free of charge by all! Like all the pools here, there are lifeguards and public facilities to use, as well as amphibian wheelchairs to assist those with reduced mobility. There is also a mechanised towrope in one of the sections, giving you the change to try out your surfing skills before hitting the sea!

Address: Rambla de Prim, 1

Prices: Free

Centre Esportiu Municipal Piscina de Salts de Montjuïc (CEM) – Montjuïc

Whether this is your first time in Barcelona or a hundredth trip to the Catalan capital, you will have likely heard about the magic and fantasy of Montjuïc. With museums, fountain light shows and much more, it is widely thought that Montjuïc is Barcelona’s most diverse attraction, where locals and tourists come together in awe of the architecture and activities on show here. What isn’t common knowledge is that this popular area is also home to one of Barcelona’s best outdoor swimming pools, known as the Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc.

Opening back in 1929, the pool at Montjuïc has been renovated several times in order to host various water sport competitions and adapt with the times. The pool will be recognisable by anyone who followed the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, but you don’t have to be an athlete or gold medalist to enjoy this pool as it is open to the public during the summer months. Once here, you can enjoy the Barcelona sunshine on the poolside, and if you’re feeling brave- get an adrenaline rush from a high dive jump or by doing laps of the olympic sized pool. We must also remind you to take a moment to simply admire the panoramic view of the city!

Address: Avinguda de Miramar, 31

Prices: 10-15€


Ngawha Springs

Relax at the Natural Hot Pools at Ngawha Springs in New Zealand


A friend of mine took me to Ngawha Springs (pronounced “Nafa”) yesterday – some natural hot pools that the Maoris really like and that are supposed to be good for skin and soul.

To get there you have to follow State Highway Number 1 (it is THE main highway in New Zealand) up north in direction of Cape Reinga, pass Kawakawa – where they have a cool Hundertwasser toilet right next to the road – and eventually you have to turn left. I think there were enough signs pointing you to Ngawha Springs so you shouldn’t miss it. From Whangarei the drive takes approx. 1.25 hours.

There’s plenty of parking spots by the springs, which are called “Healing Waters” and it’s quite funny because even the mud puddles in the parking are making bubbles. The entrance fee to the Springs is $4 for adults and I think it was $2 or $3 for children. The pools are open daily from 9am to 9pm and once you’re in you can stay as long as you want.

There are eight different pools named “Doctor”, “Favorite”, “Bulldog” and more. Every pool has a different temperature and the temperatures also vary from day to day. Usually there is a sign by the entrance telling you how hot each pool is. Some can be 45 degrees celcius and hotter so make sure you don’t just jump in (they are also not very deep)!

Once you’ve found the perfect pool for you just sit down on the wooden boards and relax 🙂

I also found this article about Ngawha Springs, which actually dates back to 1937!!!

It was published in the New Zealand Railway Magazine and tells you all about the pools, their healing powers and what significance they have to the Maori.

A few more things to keep in mind:

1. There are no showers and only basic changing facilities.

2. There are no lockers so what you bring inside you have to carry around and watch it! We “lost” a towel which probably someone took by accident.

3. The stinky smell of rotten eggs that comes from all the sulphur can take a while to get used to. Worse is, however, that it stays in your clothes for days and days – probably even forever in your swim suit so don’t wear your favorites!

4. There is no food court so make sure you bring your own stuff, especially drinking water.

5. Don’t wear any jewelry! It will turn black from the sulphur, expecially if it’s silver.