A Guide to Visiting Paris in the Spring

Paris is a beautiful city, and it’s also the capital city of France. While it’s a great place to visit year-round, visiting Paris in the spring is a fantastic sight. Spring time in Paris is truly remarkable; you’ll find it full of flowers, trees, lively crowds and an overall fantastic atmosphere.

The weather starts to clear up after the cold winter months, leaving you with the wonderful scents as the spring flowers start to bloom. What could be better than witnessing the changing of seasons from frost to flower? 

Spring is truly a magical time in Paris. Here’s everything you need to know about travelling to Paris in the spring time.

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Paris in the spring
Spring blossoms in Paris, France

Paris weather in spring

Spring in Paris is one of the most popular times of year to visit, and the season lasts from March to May. You can expect Paris weather in spring to start out chilly, with highs of 54°F/12°C in March, 61°F / 16°C in April and 68°F / 20°C in May. 

The average lows for March are 41°F/5°C, you can expect 45°F/7°C lows in April and 52°F/11°C lows in May. As you can see, the weather warms up in May but remains cool throughout the season, especially at night. Don’t forget to pack warm clothes for your Paris weather in spring, especially if you visit in March. We highly recommend traveling with Merino wool clothes as they work well for all weather types.

Tips for visiting the “city of love” in the spring 

Having a Paris spring is nothing short of amazing. Still, there are some things you should know before visiting to make your holiday and planning process more enjoyable.

  1. Paris is always busy, no matter what time of year you decide to visit. This is especially true when you book tickets for a significant landmarks or museums. You’ll likely need to book for famous sights like the Eiffel Tower or Catacombs weeks in advance. Social distancing measures have also limited the number of visitors allowed per day, and some ticket booths are even closed. So make sure to book your tickets ahead of time!
  1. Book a central hotel. Paris is a beautiful city for walking around at any time of day. Spring is even better, as it offers cherry blossoms, sunshine and a fantastic atmosphere. There are many great forms of accommodation, from hotels to guest houses and apartments. 
  1. There are a lot of public holidays during spring time in Paris. The high season really kicks off in April, and Easter is the first major holiday of the year for the French. You can expect Paris to be especially crowded during the Easter holidays, as well as holidays like Labour Day and Victory Day in early May. 
  1. Be prepared for flexibility on short notice. Spring time brings unpredictable weather with it. While it’s rare that you’d lose a whole day to rain, it could definitely ruin your plans to walk in Monet’s Gardens or other outdoor activities in Paris. 
  1. Pack enough to keep warm. While Paris in the spring is not the coldest time of year, it sometimes shows off its four seasons in a day. Packing a lightweight jacket, like a puffer or down jacket, should be enough to keep you out of the cold that you’ll find in a Paris spring. There is an extensive range of temperatures in a Paris Spring, so bear this in mind when you start packing. Check out our stylish city packing guide.
  • Get the Paris city card. Save money and get access to two of the most iconic locations in and around Paris: the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower along with enjoying a cruise along the Seine. Buy the Paris City Card.
Get the Paris City Card
What you get with the Paris City Card

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Top things to do during spring time in Paris

Paris has rightfully earned its popularity as one of the most famous cities in the world. Naturally, the number of things to do in Paris is nearly endless. While you don’t need to specifically wait to visit Paris in the spring, some places and activities are much nicer when visiting in the spring time.

  • If you are an art lover, you need to visit the Atelier des Lumières and the Louvre. The Palais Royal is an elegant and historical building offering covered galleries worth a visit. 
  • Since Paris has pleasant spring weather, you might enjoy a sightseeing bike tour. If you don’t feel confident on your own, you can book a guided bike tour of Paris to give you the best overview of the city.

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  • You could book a relaxing cruise on the Seine. This is one of the most budget-friendly activities to enjoy when visiting Paris. 

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  • Spring time in Paris is not complete without visiting one of many parks. Paris has over 400 parks, so there is definitely no shortage of variety to choose from! It’s also a great time to take a day trip to Versailles.
  • Go for drinks and dinner at a restaurant. Enjoy an apéro, which is a drink and small nibble before dinner. Check out our guide to the nightlife in Paris.
  • Paris has 5 hills. If you’d like to stroll through Paris on a less-crowded route, walking on the slopes can offer fantastic panoramic views of the city without the extensive foot you might find on the streets.

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  • If you are a fan of architecture, visit the Butte aux Cailles neighbourhood. It offers beautiful art deco buildings with unique colours. Rue Montorgueil is another great neighbourhood that offers a mix of rural villages and urban sights.
Famous Eiffel Tower with spring tree in Paris, France - depositphotos.com
Famous Eiffel Tower with spring tree in Paris, France – depositphotos.com

Blossoms, fresh air & a new lease on life

It’s a great idea to visit Paris in the spring time. From the relatively mild Paris weather in spring to the fresh blooming scent of new plant life, much of the liveliness of Paris returns in spring.

Spring also offers excellent opportunities for visiting the many parks that Paris offers, visiting famous museums, taking a bike tour of the city, or even visiting a food market.  

Regardless of your interests, we’re sure you will find something to do that is unique to Paris – whether you’re an art lover, urban explorer, foodie or photographer! 

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Reasons to Visit Netherlands in the Spring

Are you looking for a European escape in the spring? Look no further than the Netherlands in the spring! 

You can expect Netherlands spring flowers to bloom, as well as cycling tours, new sun rays, cheese markets and King’s Day, the national holiday on 27 April.

And what could possibly be better than visiting an Amsterdam tulip festival in full bloom?

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Here’s everything you need to know about visiting to the Netherlands in the spring. 

Holland tulip fields 

Seeing fields of blooming flowers during spring in Holland might be on your bucket list!

If so, you can expect to find the Netherlands spring flowers from mid-March to mid-May. You’ll spot crocus, daffodil and hyacinth flowers. Finally, the Holland tulip fields reveal themselves from mid-April until early May. 

When travelling to the Netherlands, it’s definitely worth seeing the tulips in April. You will find massive fields filled with beautiful colours all over.

Tulip fields in the Netherlands in Spring
Windmill with tulip field in Holland – depositphotos.com

Where can I see the Netherlands’ spring flowers?

Many places around the country will give you the chance to see Netherlands spring flowers.


A large majority of the Holland tulip fields are located in the province of Flevoland, to the east of Amsterdam. Flevoland boasts over 5000 hectares of tulips, many different flower festivals and other great activities every year when spring in Holland comes around. 

Many gardens in this region will allow visitors year-round. This is one of the country’s significant flower-producing areas.  


If you want to see the largest Holland tulip fields, then this is the place for you. Keukenhof is the world’s most extensive flower exhibition, and it is famous for its unique tulips of all colours.  

It’s known as the main Amsterdam tulip festival, as it is only 40 minutes from Amsterdam and 15 minutes from Leiden. At the Keukenhof, you can find over 7 million blooming flowers on display. Keukenhof is open from 24 March – 15 May 2022, from 8:00 AM until 7:30 PM. 

Get skip-the-line tickets before you go! Or join one of the below Keukenhof tours:

Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, Netherlands
Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, Netherlands – depositphotos.com

Kop van Noord-Holland 

Another great place to see Netherlands spring flowers is the Kop van Noord-Holland area in the North of the Netherlands. This region is between Petten, Den Helder, Nieuwe Niedorp and Wieringerwerf – and is totally unique compared to other cities in the country. 

It offers the largest single-bulb flower field ever while surrounded by the northern coast. There are many seaside towns to visit along the North Sea coast while you’re here. 

The Kop van Noord-Holland tour starts in Amsterdam, and you can expect to see a rural area full of Holland tulip fields, windmills and coastal dunes. You will find massive rows of bright flowers blooming to signal the beginning of spring in Holland. 

Other parts of the country that offer spring flowers are the fields along with The Hague and Leiden, all the way to Alkmaar in the northern part of the country. There are plenty of great places to see flowers when visiting the Netherlands in the spring!

Other things to do while visiting the Netherlands in the spring

Aside from looking at the Amsterdam tulip festival, there are plenty of other things to do during Spring in Holland.

If you enjoy walking, cycling, hiking or having a more lazy day, then this is what you might expect from the Netherlands in the spring.

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Here’s what you can do:

  1. Visit an Amusement Park. Spring in Holland offers the perfect sunny weather to do this. There are plenty of different amusement parks all over the country, including Efteling, Duinrell, Madurodam and Toverland. 
  1. Take a boat ride down the canal. The Netherlands in the spring is perfect for boat tours! Boating is big here, and you can easily find boats to rent. Spring in Holland is the ideal time to enjoy a calm trip down the canals of Amsterdam. 

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  1. Visit one of many windmills. This is about as traditional as it gets! Two of the most popular windmills are located at Kinderdijk and Zaanse Schans. It’s a great place to see the traditions of the Netherlands in spring, complete with a beer or warm drink.

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  1. Explore at an art market. In early March, one of Amsterdam’s most important art markets reopens for the year. You’ll find many ceramics, sculptures, paintings, and drawings by Dutch and international artists at Amsterdam’s open-air Spui Art Market. Many modern galleries are located throughout Amsterdam if you prefer to browse quietly with a larger crowd. 
  1. Discover Vondelpark. Vondelpark is one of the most popular parks globally, with millions of visitors every year. This park is around 47 acres and includes food facilities, an open-air theatre and a playground within its facilities. It’s an excellent place for families to visit when coming to the Netherlands in the spring. 
  1. Go to the IJ-Hallen. If you’re a fan of thrifting, you will love the IJ-Hallen, one of the biggest flea markets ever. You can find many bargains here, and it’s open for one weekend per month. Most of the vendors are artisans with a massive variety of items, from jeans to homeware and rare vinyl records. 
  1. Celebrate King’s Day. If you happen to be in the country on 27 April, you can’t skip King’s Day celebrations! It’s a full day that takes over Amsterdam, and you’ll find everyone dressed in orange on the streets while they drink, party and have fun all day. It offers a truly unique atmosphere that you will love. 
Celebrating King's Day in Holland
Celebrating King’s Day in Holland

Ready for Spring in the Netherlands?

There are so many things to do when enjoying Spring in Holland. 

Fancy an Amsterdam tulip festival, Netherlands spring flowers and festivals throughout the country? Want to simply walk in the city and enjoy the many windmills and parks? Regardless of your choice, we’re sure there is something you will love when you visit.

Whether you’re there to discover the Holland tulip fields or cycle throughout Amsterdam, we hope you enjoy visiting the Netherlands in the spring! This country has so much to offer when the weather starts to warm up after a cold winter.